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  1. We're currently 10 members. But it's because we're only 18 days old. We will grow in time :) We host a lot of skilling competitions, so i'm pretty sure you'll level up in no time. Our first Competition will start on Monday. So visit our website and read more. :)
  2. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  3. Clan Chat: Skillers Zone | Homeworld: 99 Skillerz Zone Website | Forums | Memberlist Hello @Addis, I would like to invite you to Skillers Zone We are a brand new Skilling & Social clan which is open for everyone and our goal is to create a family where you can grow as a player and have fun together. We try to host at least a few events a week and have competitions and much more. I think you would fit in our clan because you like skilling and socializing and not too big clan. We also want to help everyone who needs and we always want others to feel like home. You can check out our recruitment topic for more information about us if you're interested. Cheers, Shay
  4. Clan Chat: Skillers Zone | Homeworld: 99 Skillerz Zone Website | Forums | Memberlist 1. INTRODUCTION Hello, and welcome to the recruitment topic for Skillers Zone. Skillers Zone is a RuneScape Skilling clan with a heavy focus upon community and skilling excellence. We believe in allowing our members to experience RuneScape to its fullest in a fun, friendly, helpful and active environment. Don't let our title of a "Skilling Clan" throw you away either. Our definition is that any activity that allows members to gain experience and further enhance their levels, is deemed a Skilling based event. This includes Combat skill training, Monster-hunting, and non-combat skill training. We are a P2P based clan. Please note that the majority of our events are P2P, although F2Pers are welcome to become Clan Friends and join the community until they can become P2P members. 2. WHAT TO EXPECT Our heavy focus on both community, and skilling excellence is well endorsed in the clan. Building everlasting friendships, and assisting other members in daily RuneScape adventures are areas which we pride ourselves in. We boast a strong leadership team, with both original leaders having a combined 7+ years of clan management under their belts. Frequent events and communication between all clan members is vital. With a busy RS clan chat, community forums and Teamspeak Server, there's no excuse not to have frequent interaction with other clan members. 3. REQUIREMENTS We are a clan for everyone regardless the level, game experience or membership status. We want people to grow as a player and have fun meanwhile playing the game and being with others. 4. CLOSING WORDS We thank you for the time you've taken to read through our Recruitment topic. Although it's brief, we feel that it's a short and sweet introduction to our clan that sums up our community nicely. Further information can be found by visiting our Clan Forums, and the sub forum, Clan Information. The information inside provides far more in depth information about our clan. If you have any questions or queries about the clan, please don't hesitate to join our Clan Chat or Website (both are found at the top of the page), or post a reply below and we'll attempt to answer you to the best of our ability. Regards, Skillers Zone Leaders, Staff & Members
  5. Hello, I'm new to the programming world and i'm eager to learn but i've heard that the best way to learn is by having a nice project to work on. And i've always wanted to make a Skill Tracker for my clan. Could you guys give me any advices on what i should learn before being able to start on such a project. I'm familiar with variables, loops, if else statements etc etc. But whenever i try to make a tracker or a simple highscore i get lost because i don't know where to start. Cheers.
  6. They currently serve no purpose. Once the second batch of The Elf City has been released, ten crystal motherlode shards can be traded to get a motherlode prize.
  7. That is true, everyone seems to forget that Jagex IS a company and cannot survive without making money. - People think that paying for membership is enough for all the HUGE updates they want every week.
  8. I don't think the clan worlds are dying.. people are just scared to join a new clan nowadays, which makes it very hard to start a new clan and even if someone starts a new clan.. it will die very quickly if it doesn't have an original idea and a good name. And (I'm speaking of experience here) if you join an already established large clan, you'll never feel welcome among all those veterans in the clan chat.. i have found myself in lots of situations where no one even answering me and ended up getting kicked because i was not active in the clan chat... =D>
  9. I have 0 warning points and im pretty proud of it :)
  10. I was on Full Manual Mode, and we both had Ganodermic with Skill Capes and Vine Whip. we had everything the same. I even prayed one time and he still kicked my butt.
  11. Been duelling with my brother (level 120 like me) and he killed me everytime.. he used Legacy mode. hes special attack hits over ~2000 everytime while my ultimates only hits ~500. No idea if that is a glitch or on purpose..
  12. So basically... Legacy doesnt stand a chance against EoC in PVP?
  13. I know that, but i would still like to know the difference.. does Legacy have a chance against EoC?
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