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  1. It happened for prayer. Unlikely but possible. You never what happens when new games and competition come around. Runescape if any is an evolving game and I'm sure there are lots of old-timers who never thought the game would become as "easy" as it is now. Hell we might even get Runescape 3 and it might revolutionize gameplay and everyone would laugh at RS2 like they now laugh at fatigue. At that point it's whole different question though.
  2. Jebrim, it may not be worthwhile to try to be the first to 99 in the new skill. There will most likely be people buying max spins so nobody will know who the first legit 99 is.
  3. If they removed it, Runetracker records would be determined by how long you stay logged on before refreshing your profile, rather than how fast you are at the skill. Just learn from this and log off/on every once in a while.
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