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  1. Similarly, multi-logged accounts must not interact with each other to exploit gameplay mechanics, such as attempting to rig the result of a minigame. The rules have been updated http://[Use Quick Find Code]/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?14,15,217,65380526
  2. [qfc]16-17-497-65365682[/qfc]
  3. Hey all! Just a quick message to let everyone know that we have temporarily removed the use of bonus XP on Silverhawk Boots. The reason behind this lies with Brawler gloves having been made more obtainable as a rare drop, and as you may have noticed, when stacked together the gloves and boots creates a large influx of Agility XP. As you know, we have been keen to keep the Silverhawk Boots as balanced as possible, without giving people a way of gaining too much Agility XP in one go. We plan revisit this as quickly ASAP to ensure that Bonus Agility XP will once again be useable by Silverhawk Boots without Brawler Gloves stacking on top. We thank you for your patience at this time, and will be sure to bring you any updates as soon as possible. .^ Mod Sayln [qfc]366-367-779-65365643[/qfc]
  4. Limited Daily Task Set Pick up the Journal from the Challenge Mistress in Burthorpe.Every day you'll get a new Challenge for this Journal. (20 total from the looks of it in BTS Video)Completing a Challenge will reward you with a Lamp.Every 5 Challenges will reward you with additional reward, a piece of the Cosmetic Hiker outfit, and Monkey Pet once you unlocked the outfit.Jmods will be hosting community events, and have the power to give you a extra challenge from the journal once a day. They'll be posting info on facebook, twitter, instagram, vine (no mention of reddit), for when these events will take place.Weekend Boosts May 3rd-4th - Slayer Weekend Double Slayer Reward Points.50% Bonus Slayer experience.Improved Drops.Additional Charm Drops .Increased Benefit from Ring of Wealth.May 10th-11th - Skiller Weekend Artisans Workshop offers Double Experience & Reputation. (reward points)Runespan offers more points, and more consistent nodes.Pyramid plunder gives you a greater chance at getting Black Ibis (skilling outfit), Sceptre "Parts", & Jewelled Statuettes .Divination Enriched Nodes will spawn every 10 minutes. (from 20 minutes)Divination, Woddcutting, Fishing, & Minning resource spots will last longer and spawn quicker.Big Chinchompa will offer 50% more experience.May 17th-18th - Minigame Weekend Castle wars will reward 1 extra ticket per game.Stealing Creation, Pest Control, Conquest, Soul Wars will give double reward points.Dominion Tower will offer double the credit per boss kill.May 17th-30th - Player owned Ports 30% more resources from Trade Good and Resource missions.Extra daily voyages.May 26th - June 1st - Dungeoneering Week Floors and Sink Holes will offer double token rewards.Sinkholes will provide 50% extra experience.Ninja Team will be involved with this week's event in some way. (thanks to http://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/23yu8q/bts_102_the_runescape_road_trip/ch1xw7l for the break down) Should affect this month's xp gains by a bit. mentioned in the latest bts video:
  5. Will the change of 6 actions per tick to 9 actions per tick make a noticeable difference to skilling/xp rates?
  6. There is no max prestige. https://twitter.com/JagexJack/status/388336730727665664 So it'll cap at 200m per skill? Or more... Well, there are two hiscores. One for the prestige system and one for the old system. You still would end up capping at 200m XP on the old hiscores, but the prestige hiscores would allow you to train the skill forever, and be able to show off this (e.g. 50 prestige would be doing 1-99 50 times). The amount of experience required for each prestige does double though, (1 - 13m, 2 - 26m, 3 - 39m, 4 - 42m, etc).
  7. There is no max prestige. https://twitter.com/JagexJack/status/388336730727665664
  8. Congrats to AlmostLost on 200m summoning (#14).
  9. Max is training hard it seems, he may be a strong contender for 5.2b xp. His dedication to playing Runescape 24/7 also shows that he is capable of grinding skills with little to no sleep.
  10. Divination will be coming tomorrow, confirmed by Mod Pips (http://www.reddit.co...n_today/cbqr9mf) and also Mod Michelle (https://twitter.com/...377489081995264)
  11. Divination is confirmed for being released next week in the latest BTS video. It also mentions that you will be able to have portable skilling plots for certain skills, although these will be limited to one a day.
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