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  1. If all else fails, go to You Tube and look up the Elemental Workshop you are working on and watch the video and see if you have done what it is showing.
  2. I have read and watched all the eoc videos/information and trained at the Lummy training area and still am confused on how to approach bosses now. I was in the middle of desert treasure quest (two more bosses to beat) when eoc occurred. Now, I have no idea what to wear or take with me to fininsh this w/o dying. I understand that prayer pots now are only 50% effective, but how do I go about calculating what combat style I need to use without getting penalized for using the wrong style (this would apply I guess to any bosses). Is there a chart somewhere? can this be studied in advance of a fight?
  3. It's usable in the slayer tower. I saw rangers dwing crossbows in there a couple days ago.
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