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  1. swedishboy5, congrats..you understand the true purpose of the game.
  2. Okay so basically the correct way to choose is to side with the Guardians of Guthix.
  3. It will most likely matter in later quests. Remember how Juna scorned Zanik, I don't want to have to endure that whenever I go do tears of Guthix. I'm aware that the quest ends the same regardless of path. I'm more concerned about later quests and dialouges based on my decisions in this quest.
  4. [spoiler=Spoilers]Okay so I've gotten to the point of the quest where I have to choose between 3 options. Obviously I'm not siding with Saradomin and Zammy to kill Guthix. I'm torn between saving Guthix and waking him. So to this end I NEED SPOILERS! I want to hear from: someone who chose to save Guthix, and someone who decided to wake him. Mainly I want to know the reactions of: Azzandra and Juna to choosing the opposing side. So please tel me: What Juna says if you side with Zaros and what Azzandra says if you side with Guthix. Thank you.
  5. In your guide in the section about Melzar's maze it reads: "If you die in the maze, you can talk to Oziach again about the first map piece to get another key and try again." It should be the Guildmaster and not Oziach.
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