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  1. Interest registered via pm for the 2 mech,zombie,grandor tshirts.
  2. I don't, and neither do a few of the other staff members. (haven't heard anything from the rest) PM me if you want/other staff members. I'm sorry you misunderstood me, I meant if staff knew who I was, I'm sure they would support me. My bad. :?
  3. This just adds to the sketchiness even more. TIF has a PM feature for a reason. I did not know TIF had PM but now I do and that will make thing easier, thanks. EDITED PREVIOUS POST.
  4. Now I have gauged that there is some level of interest in said items, feel free to PM to register interest. I will reply to anyone interested with a full list of all the items I have and then will distribute them on a first come first served basis, this is not about getting the most for each item and have people fight over stuff its just about getting a fair value for each thing and everyone who wants something, getting something. Please consider postage and packaging costs in donation offers, also I feel personalisation should reflect a higher premium (I would think you would be happy with who I am/was when you find out) and all offers will be strictly confidential, like I believe all donations should be. The final donations will simply be given under a 'members of the tip it community' title.
  5. And to riptide mage, Just because I am real and explain things the way they are, does not mean I am dishonest. Quite the contrary, the whole premise of this idea is that people get things they might want, for probably a lot less than why they may be worth if they were on the open market and disadvantaged children would see the fruit of that. Also the reason I have not stated where the funds would go is because it would likely give away my location and/or identity. Local projects would notice the gesture much more than a corporate giant. But regarding my identity, I am 100% certain that members of your Tip it staff team would know who I am and verify/support my intentions.
  6. This. As long as its not breaking some contractual laws with Jagex then by all means you are allowed to post pictures as long as they aren't offensive. They are not confidetial or restricted, no original Artwork. Possibly some published artwork. Items include Hoodies, T-shirts (Many of which were only for staff 'Jolly' events) Runefest 2010 items and also rare 1,000,000 members party memoribilia. I'm still finding items. Don't you mean 2,000,000 members party memorabilia? Not trying to make fun or anything. Just asking to be sure. No was not aware there ever was a 2,000,000 members party? If there has been, it has been since I left the company and to be quite frank, I would be very surprised if the membership got back to 1,000,000 paying players let alone 2 million.
  7. Thank you all for the interest. I did consider using ebay, however I really like the idea of staying anonymous, I would not want my identity to effect the items. Also it is not about 'getting as much as possible' for them , its more about getting a fare price and getting the items to someone who will really treasure it. To the person concerned with security: Also using paypal invoice system is really just as safe as ebay, that is why many people use it when an ebay auction doesn't go quite as high as they wanted, because they can then skip the fees and both parties can be happy. (Any regular ebay users among you may have heard of this) I have only 1 lanyard as it is the million members one and is very rare, as only 200 or so were created. EDIT: However I do understand you point about fairness. EDIT 2: Sorry no SD artwork to share, however at the time of those Tshirts I think it was probably Mechscape. Note: I have 2 fun orb hoodies as well if there are any fans out there.
  8. No idea really possibly paypal. I'm not really sure what other options I could realistically use? As I originally stated this thread was really to gauge interest and find home for what would otherwise have been thrown away and maybe benefit the disadvantaged in the process.
  9. Its an A4 printed poster which depicts some wolf type concept images one half and a wolf and moon on other. I think this may have been from when the werewolfs got a graffical update. I'm sorry if I am not 100% certain on 100% of the items, as a few of them I got from colleges.
  10. Code name for the 1,000,000 members party. Its the official invite, there is also a lanyard with the nights events to go with it. 8-)
  11. [img]http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/16/20121130174132.jpg/[/img] [img]http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/401/20121130173316.jpg/[/img]
  12. I have taken a picture of the 3 items stated above, but am not sure to get it on here, my forum usage is not up to scratch. I hope this will legitimise my claim taking pictures of all these items might take a little while lol.
  13. I have around 20-30 items in total. Mainly Hoodies and Tshirts. Guess maybe personalise and frame them? However all items are new and mostly still packaged, so I guess you could wear them if you so wish?
  14. Runefest hoodie Runefest t (However mine is the J Mod staff edition) 2000 only limited edition 150th Quest goblin hoodie I would also be willing to personalise any items as requested.
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