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  1. All the rooms seem to have bots except the single spawn rooms. However, the single spawns slow down my grinding far too much to be worthwhile. It seems moss giants are about equal kill times with double the experience. Just wish there was something better. (Like chaos druids before EoC, I used to be able to make 30-50 in a day even with the travel times back to falador for banking herbs (pre-taverly bank and lodestones.)
  2. Are they blocking the webgame as well?
  3. I've started killing moss giants. I tried chickens and I could easily chain those kills together, but it's a little too demanding on me. Moss giants I can at least slightly afk grind since they're aggressive for a time. Seems a bit slow though, I think I need to kill upwards of 1500 moss giants to reach 50 attack and at 10 seconds minimum per kill, that's 15,000 seconds. Is 6-7 hours a reasonable time frame for 45-50?
  4. Fleshcrawlers are probably the best xp/hour, except they are swarmed with bots. The loot drops are relatively good. Would I be better off with something that takes multiple hits for more xp, or do something like al-kharid warriors who I can almost one shot?
  5. I have been, but most of what they assign me is weak to magic, which doesn't help me train melee combat.
  6. I'm attempting to get back in to runescape after a long break (more than two years.) I couldn't recover any of my old characters so I decided on making a new one. I'm currently at 42atk/40str/40def and trying to train it, however I can't seem to find anywhere to train with this new EoC combat. I'm trying slayer tasks, but it seems like even the Canifis master gives me too difficult tasks. Is there a good monster from 40-50 or 40-60 or with EoC is grinding combat not the same. Thanks in advance.
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