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  1. I saw people getting 3 scales in a single task of dark beasts.
  2. Saw this guy at Runespan( Roger Al), and was wondering what skill he had left to 2496. He needs 8 dg lvls, and if my math is correct he will jump from rank ~8.6k to the top 30 real easy. It's no front page but still a nice gain in ranks.
  3. If I didn't miss any information prior to the post of this news on the homepage, then I might have a slight reason for the increase in people voting. "Members votes decide the ultimate destiny of Old School RuneScape. Remember: everyone who votes will get their first month of old school RuneScape for free, regardless of the poll outcome." Jagex giving 1 month free membership to the 2007 servers. I dont remember reading that anywhere before, it almost made me vote, but I'm still gonna wait....I think
  4. Talk about bots getting banned and go Suomi
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