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  1. Abyss Runecrafting? 350% Abyss without demonic skull <--- shouldn't that say "with"? Nothing major, the calculations still appear to be correct :)
  2. Being a complete and utter combat noob, I'd love to come along and get a little experience in combat with some others who are more familiar than I am.... however I do not want to put anyone at risk. I do not have brilliant melee gear unfortunately and I have mediocre mage gear, what should I bring along for the fight? I should be able to get pretty much any items I may require if it comes to it :) besides as stated above I can always run back to the gravestone right? I am so used to having done combat before graves existed it's pretty low risk nowadays surely? if you can just run back and get your stuff? And with the divination signs of respite can you not extend the grave timers anyway? (just have a few in bank waiting in case you die?) :D
  3. You're trying to scare me? doesn't take much hahahaha.... I know my combat is over 160 as for my defence I really don't know without looking (goes to show how little I do combat) I'd love to boss just never really had anyone to boss with. Need to find some groups for noobs to lower bosses that are not all (meh too noob gtfo) kind of people.
  4. I do hope a few people decide to show up, I'm not much of a combat lover let alone a boss hunter but I am seriously considering tagging along, gotta start some day?.... apparently returning after death is not too difficult? although I don't have much in terms of gear/levels will see how many are in the FC before deciding.
  5. Woops wrong thread :o Nice tips though, will use them for sure :D
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