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  1. Jagex have changed the number of canons on lumbridge castle The answer is now 7 (not 9 as currently shown in Tip.it guide).
  2. In the red dragon room between the 2 northern-most pillars. Regards,
  3. In the far east corridor just north of the Lava Flow Mine Entrance.
  4. In the room with Giant Rock Crabs (Room 12). Regards.
  5. I walked into a new challenge room that I thought (mistakenly) was listed as Ghost and Antique Ring but actually was Ghost & Farming. As it wasn't listed, I thought i'd let you know about it. Encountered on Solo, Floor 31, Complexity 6 Instructions;- Read the inscription on the sarcophagus for a clue to which herb is required. Pick 4 of the correct herbs from the farming patch ( the wrong herb will result in taking damage 200-400LP) Consecrate the herbs Add the herbs to the four burners and then light all four burners Open the coffin The doors will unlock. IMG Code GL Var Da Stick
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