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  1. Pretty sure hiscores start at rank 2m (for individual skills )after that the skill is no longer ranked or even shown on hiscores Way back in roughly 05-07 you would need to get skills to level 30 I believe before they were shown on hiscores Aka over 2m accounts have been created which is interesting
  2. just a warning guys, don't punch anyone this may result in a ban. keep the account secure.
  3. I think if Ves buys enough bonus exp in the promo out soon and nolifes hard on triple exp weekend he will be able to pass ops wrong thread.
  4. They should make feathers obtainable via finishing agility course laps, Maybe the actual skill will not be so dead, some lower levels could train agility legit for profit even.
  5. Are they in very rare spot?like getting a godsword, or is that just the boots. And the 1/3 pieces are very rare? or just rare?
  6. with bonus divination and no bonus agility http://gyazo.com/e1ea65f854c2b834ffe2cfbfabbbb9ec rocktails with no bonus fish or agility (using urns) http://gyazo.com/555c3f404803552768ba5b0f5a4b141b Really was not a nerf at all, just can not attack dummies for good exp anymore lol =/ things like divination give more agility now, so its actually more op. (just to add I think it is not even good to slay with boots on if you have many skills left takes away from dps for no reason)
  7. Many methods give different rates for agility while training rocktails is 1:1, crystal trees is close to that too. Something like hunter is no more than 15%. Cant really claim agility to be 0 time for everyone on top page though. Possibly if they will train fish/wc with those methods, for sure. If some people have 200m in skills where the boots are op atm, and have low agility exp atm, they may need to train it for some exp. I would assume anyone in the 1-2b exp range probably will have 0 time for 200m agility
  8. A method that makes sense would be boots only work with training agility, you only get feathers from either completing a lap of a course, or just training any other skills (though that method could get annoying depending on what you are training) But that would be no profit for jagex. They have good ideas but sadly they must implement some sort of money making method for themselves in each promotion. Many of these "promotions" could easily been game content added. But why add content for free when you can sell it to us instead.
  9. For anyone 200m slayer but not combat, what are good locations to train for range/meele/mage exp being able to use ultimate ability? airut for meele? what would be range and magic
  10. If you make an account now maybe, not for most people on top page/probably will still want to do ba for bonus
  11. Jdel has about 50k atm, for 11kea I guess people who do not care about exp will be just selling them off.
  12. Very soon you will see 100m agility monthly if people have bonus stacked. Though I wouldn't go str8 for it as you can gain some exp while finishing 200m all, im sure some other max players with gp though will for sure get 200m.
  13. Have a friend fishing rocktails, got 102k (51k legit) exp/hr with agility. And I guess 60k fishing exp, 120k if bonus.
  14. this is stupid im afking agility for 150k/hr and 300k with bonus. l Really hope they make these only work while training agility...skill is faster and easier than runespan atm
  15. My hunter daily was effected badly with rollback/login offline for a while. could have gone past 14m day but less sleep screwed me up, Im sure someone will get 17-18m daily, non of my exp was raf/any ava bonus though. I did reach 11.56m exp though, I dc'd during 6hr log so somehow messed up for me. says 10.8m Nonetheless happy I was able to power through a skill I hated for a long time :P(for a good daily)
  16. http://services.runescape.com/m=news/treasure-hunter--silverhawk-boots o...
  17. This was a bad day to pick for hunt record. Best servers ever Edit: not only did it go down but we got roll back too, sweet
  18. 56.5 gp/exp if you use stars on a buyable that is ~26 gp/exp, if any higher the gp/exp will be less. time saved using stars on prayer and lamps on agility is about 5hrs and 40min. while losing 28m gp. An example of using dragonstones for crafting is 60 gp/exp from what I hear, not sure. You would save like 100m from spending 66m on the 10 bonds (total of 34m gp saved) , pretty crazy how op this weekend really is.
  19. Those rates will only work if you are 99 in the skill you use stars on. Method is more meant for people going for 200m.
  20. I used lamps on agility, bonus on div :P Think y0 blue used bonus on agility..has 45m bonus..no idea why, could have just leeched ba, no idea what he is doing Edit: 28m for 490k agility exp is, spending 66m on the bonds, saving 38m worth of gp using stars on prayer, leaving me with -28m gp and 490k agility exp.
  21. I wanted to test something out for a video and found some interesting rates for this weekends promotion on keys buying 10 bonds @ 6.6mea (66m gp) I got 22 small, 21 med, 7 large, 1 huge star (1.55m bonus exp) if you are to train crafting @ 40 gp/exp this would be 62m gp saved in bonus exp) and also got 490k agility exp from lamps (or divination if you use on that) basically spending 6m gp on 490k agility exp Clearly not a "respectable" way of thinking of exp rates, but looking at many higher level players, including some on top page (like myself) have done some bonds buying this weekend. I used exp on prayer though to test out, my calculations were 28m gp for 490k agility exp so clearly not going to use on prayer bonus. And of course all this does save quite a bit of time takes no more than 10min to use 80 spins up. And gaining 1.55m bonus/lamps Not a very big sample of course I guess Y0 blue has like 8m agility today from this he may have better sample size
  22. http://crystalmathlabs.com/tracker/rsvirtualhiscores.php?page=200ms Note not all are top page but most are
  23. As I said I wanted to test out exp rates @ butterfly barehanded hunting this is what I got in exactly 30min of time with arctic bear. http://gyazo.com/9171d4a8eeda7265528fdba101c2f8c8 Before anyone says you can fletch while thieving and all that. Go ahead and do that for 200m. Only one person has done it effectively, and that method just isn't for me. Can anyone see how many min you lose each hour of training these skills like this? I could easily do this to finish off fletching, after that not worth it at all im sure. (and yes agility was with ba bonus)
  24. Nothing needs to be pushed back bigger updates should take a longer amount of time. Balance would be key for them. I wouldnt expect legacy mode to come out anytime in the next 5 months even. Should not be rushed they can take there time. But each week something new on sof is out, but when it comes to real content something like a charm imp which is no more work than a new sof item, is released 6 months later. You wonder what their priorities are.
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