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  1. Bomb3213

    Sweeper Issue

    Alright I'm not sure how you find the whitelist for Norton, but i did add the entire Dgsweeper folder to a list to bypass the scan and that works fine. Thanks a lot Stev :D.
  2. Bomb3213

    Sweeper Issue

    I am indeed using Norton. I will try adding it to my white list and I will let you know. Thanks
  3. Bomb3213

    Sweeper Issue

    My dgs worked fine until this latest issue. After the update it worked for awhile but now it doesn't load correctly or something. The keys do not pop up, and the map occasionally will load two maps, one on top of the other. I will go ahead and post screenshots of this in a few minutes, and let me know what (if any) specs you need from me. Thanks :D. http://puu.sh/1U7lP *Couple notes*: 1) I don't have a screenshot of the weird double map thing, but if it happens again i'll screenshot. 2) Yes I have unminimzed the keys already
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