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  1. Hi, I am CoUnTrYbOy47 and I would like to cordially invite you to come check out our clan We are relatively new, but are dedicated to being successful. One thing I would like to point out first before you get too far in reading this is that we are a Drama-Free Mature Clan. This does not mean that we will not allow younger members, it just means that ALL members are expected to follow our clan rules. ~~~Clan Rules~~~ 1. Follow all Jagex Rules. No Gambling or Scammers Allowed! 2. All Members are required to Cap/Gather resources at Citadel. This has to be done the very first week after coming off of probation or it will result in a kick from clan beginning next build tick. 3. No begging in clan chat is allowed. 4. Respect all fellow clanmates 5. Remain Active in clan..or you will be subject to the monthly sweep We do events when members want them and also do skilling partnerships and groups. We have no level requirements and generally just try to be helpful. If you would like to know more about us check out our rs clan chat "divine illusionz", or message us: CoUnTrYbOy47, V E C T O R, ACiD ANGeL, or Alaskan Loki Hope you check us out
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