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  1. As a side note, there is indeed a reason I can't slowly progress through all of these. If I wanted 60 attack as a pure, I would have to train to 60. Than if I wanted to get Barrows gloves I would have to take the XP from monkey madness, which would put me at 61 attack. I'm sure there are also other quests (Kings ransom) that would give me more attack xp as well :/
  2. Hey Everyone! Just need some quick advice on what account type I should build on the 2007 servers. My four main ideas were: - An account with 16 prayer, built specifically to high risk (will high risking be popular in 07?), would progress from 50-60 Attack and 1-45/70 Defense -A nice, simple maxed pure with 45/52 Prayer. This would be good for Pking in multi with my friends and may lead to me joining a clan for the first time. -Maxed 60 Attack berserker pure. I think this would be a sort of middle ground of all the accounts. I would also love to get into hybriding for the first time. -A 60/70 Attack piety pure. Would be a more diverse account, something of a main in 07. If I get bored of any of the earlier accounts I might make it into one of these. So many good options, so hard to decide. A few extras notes, questing doesn't bother me really (not to say I enjoy it either however), money shouldn't be to much of an option either(I'll have money to chin if I had 43+ pray etc...). Any advice and wisdom would be greatly appreciated :)
  3. I know it's not the best :P Quick question, should I sell them now or hold onto them?
  4. Thanks, those answers are terrific. I never considered skills to be a waste of time for money making but I guess they really are :P I already have a few untradebles, most are unnoteble except void, which I've heard is pretty useful now.
  5. To start off, I know this question is rather massive so too anyone who puts in the time to respond , your answer is greatly appreciated :) Just before the EOC I dropped my bank and quit Rs, needless to say I've gone back on that decision. My question is, what is the best way to go from zero cash pile and measly stats to a maxed account (I know this should take very long time :P) Stats -------- -85 Attack -85 Strength -85 Defence -86 HP -88 Magic -71 Range -70 Prayer -70 Dungeonering -70 Runecrafting -52 Summoning -58 Slayer -60 Agility -50 Herblore -65 Theiving -60 Crafting -90 Fletching -80 Hunter -65 Mining -50 Smithing -75 Fishing -70 Firemaking -70 Cooking -50 Farming -50 Construction -99 Woodcutting My basic idea was to get 99 in a profitable skill and than to max combats through slayer. With maxed combat I would be able to PVM and make money for the buyables. Thats my very rough idea, so if you could provide any more detailed responses I'd love you forever ;) (Keep in mind I'm new to eoc :( ) Thanks!
  6. And my bad, the question was what would be the most time efficient way to max out. Thanks!
  7. Hi all! I'm returning to Runescape after about a year and I'd like to finally achieve my goal of maxing my account. Anyway, I need to complete the following levels: Farming 97-99 Woodcutting 95-99 Summoning 86-99 Mining 70-99 Slayer 80-99 If it matters every other skill is 99, and I should have at least 500m maybe closer to a bil to work with. However I'd prefer to make money than lose it on these skills. Thanks to all replys!
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