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  1. 1) PvM: Zamorak Halo, Kiln Capes, Amulet of Zealots, and Dominion gloves if you are going to train prayer/summoning high (Requires 110 Cb) IMPORTANT: For melee; Scrimshaw of Vampyrism. For all classes; Vampyrism Aura. 2) I reccomend Slayer, otherwise you could probably camp hellhounds or waterfiends. 3) I'll have to get that in a moment. Sweet thanks for the tips!
  2. Hi, Since recently maxing my main account, I've been wanting to go back to a 1 defense pure that I started training in late 2012 right before eoc came out since the release of legacy. This was as far as I got: Quests: Cook's Assistant Death Plateau Drudic Ritual Goblin Diplomacy Wolf Whistle Dwarf Cannon Fishing Contest The Grand Tree Lost City Monkey Madness Tree Gnome Village Ever since I've become used to eoc there's still a lot of pre-eoc things I have long forgotten and things I need learn about the current state of pures. I was going to eventually make this account into a rune pure pre-eoc but I've decided to just stay at 1 defense. Questions I have: What are the most useful items I should get/are mandatory for a 1 defense pure now? Whats a good place to train combat? I was thinking about getting a chaotic maul and training at hell hounds, but idk if the xp is good for my level and how to go about it. Whats all of the quests that a 1 defense pure can/should do? If theres a guide for this it would be much appreciated! At the moment my current goals are 99 strength, 99 magic, 99 range, and idk if i want to stay 80 attack or go for 90/99? I will be doing pvp AND pvm. Another reason why I got the interest in my pure again is seeing the recent videos by M1ni and how he pvms https://www.youtube.com/user/m1nisn1p3r Thank you for any help its much appreciated!
  3. Almost every other time I'm in an irc and I try to login to runescape, it will type in the irc and won't even respond to the actual client.
  4. In the picture below you will see that I added "Play Runescape 2007" to the drop down menu. This can be linked with "oldschool.runescape.com" to display the page as shown in the screenshot. The toggle option on the right is to switch the highscores view from Eoc, to the oldschool runescape highscores without having to edit the link1 code in the link file. Let me know what you think, it seems like simple, easy changes that will make swiftkit viable for Runescape 2007.
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