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  1. Finally achieved 100 Dungeoneering with a few mates. Working on 105, and some other things. Cheers! :D
  2. Just re-made a Tip.it forums account, and I'm back to the path of maxing out. Over the past 7 months, I have been trying to recover my old RuneScape account that was taken from me around June 2012, and finally the other day I received an email saying that it has been recovered. The thief apparently was a known lurer, so I'm waiting to see what the bank has in store, as he/she didn't gain but 2 total levels in the entire time he/she had the account. My whole plan from the start was to finish maxing my account, and that's my plan once more. The thief changed the name to 'K4NG4ROO', but it will be changed back to it's original name as of March 8th. I have to wait 5 more days to have access to my bank, so for the meantime I will be training Runecrafting at Runespan. I just got 82 yesterday, and plan on 84-85 today. I have JAG enabled for just my computer now, changed the email address twice, never botted, AND haven't had a black mark since '06, so I'm in the clear. (Glad to see he/she left the EXP counter for Dungeoneering on, seeing as I gained 9.7m experience in a matter of weeks in May 2012, and I just finished getting 99, working on 105.) Feel free to add me in-game or PM me on the forums. I'll gladly add and reply. The thief deleted most of my mates, so I'll be needing some new ones. I have made a brand new Youtube Channel specifically for RuneScape, and will start posting progress videos and other kinds of videos very soon. Channel - http://www.youtube.c...LA?feature=mhee Please wish me luck!
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