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  1. Im trying to power mine in the falador caves on iron and need someone to bank all the iron i mine. who ever can help me will get to keep half the iron when im done. i have to level pretty high so ill be doing it for a while. you can help me for as long as you wish but please give me half the ore when youre done. i am trusting the person who helps me and yes you could scam me but if you do ill just report you and move on. your doing me a favor and yourself one by banking all these iron so youd be cheating yourself if you steal any. please PM me in game if you are willing to do it. thank you. MY USERNAME: AfflictedSin
  2. i need someone to help me figure out how to set up my inv for fighting it and what levels i should get and overall the quest it self. please help id appretiate it very much.
  3. Thank you to both of you guys. youve been helpful and it fixed the problem! swiftkits staff is reliable and great :D
  4. then once i do that, will i need to re install java se 7u15 after?
  5. Ive noticed that players have trouble skilling at times, and i came up with an idea to help them and other people. Say your a miner who's looking to be a mage, you mine rune essence and give it to someone who's rune-crafting and they'll trade you runes for the essence. Its like the old days where people would run essence for money but instead they'd do something for you if you do something for them. I wanted to make this a good place for everyone to find people to help them with what ever and i know not everyone has money to spend yet. if you would like to just pay someone with in-game GP for old school for items like the old essence running, then go for it. \:D/ Post below what your name is and what you have to offer/what skill you'll be willing to do & what your looking for in return.
  6. Ive installed swift kit on multiple computers and devices but i have now encountered an error on one of my computers. Its a windows XP computer and when i run it and go to either RS 2013 or RS old school, it says outdated java detected, please update now, i click the link to download it to make sure its a newer version, and its exactly the same as the one i have installed, Ive tried re installing swift kit multiple times, re installing JavaScript multiple times, and its still not working. :shock: i think the swift kit application is having issues either locating my current version of java or having issues recognizing my java. i don't know how to fix this problem, if someone could help me including staff or someone who knows swift kit really well/the coding of it i would appretiate it. thank you.
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