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  1. Hmm thanks. I am after a stable and user friendly distro for now, so I'll try Mint. I'll be downloading/installing tomorrow!
  2. Hi everyone, I recently upgraded my PC and in the process installed Windows 8. After playing around with it for a short while, trying to figure out how to explore without the start menu, attempting to familiarise myself with the "tiles" interface, and trying to play a DVD, I quickly became less and less enthusiastic about Microsoft's new OS. I figured this would be a good time to try something new, and move on to a Linux OS (or at the very least have the option of dual-boot). I've been looking around and noticed a lot of good looking Linux distributions, and was wondering if anyone has a favourite? I'm not much of a programmer, I'll just being using it for day to day use and possibly gaming, depending on whether or not the game is supported on Linux, but that's when the dual-boot will come in handy! So far Mageia 3, Linux Mint 15, or openSuSE look to be the most stable and user friendly for a new Linux user. Please share!
  3. Hello everyone, I've started playing RS again having not played for a couple of years and just joined the Tip.It forums so I thought I would say hi! I forgot my password for my previous account so I've had to start anew however I'm having fun with the new EOC and even new skills since last time I played. I plan on focusing on combat related skills for now and hopefully in the not too distant future have the required levels to go on Tip.It monster hunts! Jdelrx
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