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  1. http://puu.sh/2r6qS/8a71b7fb3d Custom. DirectX http://puu.sh/2r6sg/c8d618e067 SwiftKit. 7. Just in case as I see it was needed on another topic. Resource: [DGSWEEPER] _DGSweeper.Key.Property.Enabled=1 _DGSweeper.Legend.Property.Enabled=1 _DGSweeper.Map.Property.Enabled=1 _DGSweeper.Map.Property.Grid=0 _DGSweeper.Map.Property.Path=C:\Users\Jim\Documents\DGSweeper\Saved Maps _DGSweeper.Map.Property.Size=1 _DGSweeper.Timer.Property.Enabled=1 _DGSweeper.Properties.Transparent=255 [OPTION] _dgs.x=109 _dgs.y=171 _dgs.key.size=1 _dgs.key.show=0 _dgs.legend.show=1 _dgs.aero=0 _dgs.hotstring=0 _dgs.navigation=0
  2. I have a suggestions and a bug. Could you make it so your Playlist has a Now Playing: X somewhere? And when I use the Armory none of the items have stats. They also display the wrong type of stats. ex. Stab attack 100 instead the new system.
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