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  1. I haven't encountered any freeze with java 7
  2. Noone is gonna make bookmarks for every world, but bookmarks for world 1 and 2, What's wrong with that? I have bookmarks of them
  3. Clicking on the titlebar works to unfreeze With titlebar I mean this:
  4. Played for 2 hours fine w/o freezes Another bug(?) which I encountered is that the chrome swiftkit is always on top, even if the options isn't ticked on
  5. It's different, I would say like an hour or so. It's on Old School, I don't know about EOC.
  6. I got the same problem, the inactivity (not really a problem) and the freezes(which are frustrating). The freezes are not happening on chrome chrome, but it does on swiftkit chrome, also got the latest drivers.
  7. I think http://www.global-rs...database/items/ has most of the itemstats
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