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  1. t shirt suggestion little old lady, wearing some armor and a large wep maybe the hammer from battle of lumby, some pulp in front of her RuneScape reminds me how to BustaMove with a big smile of course Or a old man with same armor pieces and a godsword, in front of him something cut in half or more RuneScape proves i can still cut the mustard lol ok update the words but you get the idea then there is the same idea with a young person but they say something like "and how big of a noob did you think i was?" as far as making things easier on new players.... we used to help them with armor and food and advise.. that dont seem to be the case anymore you try and find it's a repeat player just looking for what you will hand out, more more more... or worse yet they a bot.... course there are the dumb kids that insult ya for trying to help em sometimes... or how about the hopeless ones that ask, you give clear directions but they still want you to lead them there =(
  2. I like the idea of being able to tether the ava. In the center of an agility course or perhaps beside a div deposit rift, and outside the banks, because they are just too large.... I supose they could also have a mini mode so that one could reduce their impace in small places. But i do not think you are going to get a " fencepost" outside of mini games that do not allow followers inside.
  3. I am talking about the quest guides. the compleated quests is not the problem. It will look at your adventures log and then populate the quest list for you to do this you make sure your log is public then enter your name in the box. I know the thing is working because the guide then tells me how many quests i have done but when it goes to populate the list, it reverts to the last name that was in the box i do not know if this is a problem with the program or with my settings. so Help ?!
  4. I play 2 characters, when i open the page (the quest guide) it already had the name of one... but that one has all the quests done so i try to enter the other name and tell it to get info from adventures log.. it gets it but then reloads page with the first name again... I tried clearing cookies, it still does it..... HELP!! Please =)
  5. Sounds like you were as prepaired as possable... Sometimes sh** just happens. I missed the site too and am glad its up and running. Passes some glue to reattach the hair Im betting some of you lost while waiting =)
  6. ADVERTISER: doubleclick.net (i think) LANDING URL: Copy the full ad URL (right click the link and select copy link location)didnt have copy link so did copy shortcut, see below. TYPE: Side Banner SITE: guy4game.com/rs2007 gold MY LOCATION: ohio, usa REASON: its just wrong on so many lvls to have gold sales on a trusted rs support site http://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/aclk?sa=l&ai=CEbi3WwZ3UbWDJu_JwQHKiIGgDdvFrIMDk_z5yEqFn8qXDRABIJ_Iwh9QpZeYyQdgydbRi8Sk_BCgAf2XxPwDyAEC4AIAqAMByAOdBKoEsQFP0P5JGI3o4JOLANNm6oKG7vcjenRCiu-TAhLWafxKphrlXIB3KJSYI7ORM_Nktv3fPfU6pGo9zc4Op9PCJaTkiO4gRKaYTc7x7NzIANNIBhL88fIoVJD89PB6sciLI5_72jBbTVDywJO3uKYm3rY9kQDHwJ07vMAnY6cw1sLN15bsGyoSnhRVEvfa4oJWMMKD77gNY1fpB9FZb7bRKGbYqjI-csWfCyjDV4_c4D29XvbgBAGgBgKAB-vnuwM&num=1&sig=AOD64_0tS1ke3QtYaXUrNptkEXtL_VbVdQ&client=ca-pub-9897821215082159&adurl=http://www.guy4game.com/runescape-2/rs2-gold/%3Faid%3D2087&nm=9&nx=38&ny=430&mb=2 please excuse my nubness with your forums... but i had to point out this ad, im sure you dont want it here.
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