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  1. AirFramer


    Today... I shot my rifle at the range all day..
  2. I am looking for a clan to be apart of, and have fun with. There is only 1 thing that I have to mention before you invest time into posting an invite. I am active Duty Military, so my level of activity will be limited... very limited... but I am loyal, and you can guarantee me not to wonder off to other clans or what have you. Lehr7559 is my runescape account, so let me know. :wink:
  3. I really like this thread! If there is one thing in my experiences in life that I have learned is that you should always seek to better yourself and the people around you. There are a couple of things that I wish to accomplish and better myself in. One of the things I am looking into right now is trying to get my private license to fly fixed-winged aircraft and then hopefully helicopters. Another one of my goals is to take FULL advantage of my Tuition Assistance that is (unless its been taken away) offered to me by the military and finish getting my associates and then bachelors after that. I want to get my AMP license (Power Plants on Aircraft) and as many qualifications that are offered to me in my MOS. Another one of my goals is to be accepted into the Journeyman's program which allows me to record the hours I spend at work, to be used as like an apprenticeship for a major Aviation company such as Boeing or etc. The last 2 goals that I will mention on here is to be more financially responsible and to be more engaged with God and living like Jesus did 8-)
  4. I started playing Runescape back when I was in middle school. I believe people refer to it as Runescape Classic now, but I tell you what those were the good ole days of Runescape. Unfortunantly Runescape began to be overran with bots, which killed it. These days however, I don't nearly play runescape like I use to but then again a lot has changed since middle school :wink:
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