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  1. s| Go lucky with a Runespan daisy and a large lwnp from ny Divine Tears, reaaly didn't feel much like doing anything tonit since O'm pretty drunk but I did get level so idgaf homey's...meow
  2. Even with separate teams working on there projects, (which I know they said that previously) the bulk of the projects are big ones that can easily go wrong, no matter how many people you have dedicated to it. Separate teams or not, this next year will be very crucial in the future of RS in my opinion.
  3. Just got 94 RC, missed the screenie because I was lurking the forums per usual, but I'll put up a pic later! YAY! :)
  4. First RS3 level is 93 RC. I'll hopefully be getting plenty more of these soon! :D
  5. I just got on RS3 for the first time. The only thing I want to know is how to keep the chat box down so that I can see the current chat. If anybody could help that'd be greatly appreciated. Definitely getting 93 runecrafting tonight. That should be fun...
  6. Hey, sorry it's taken so long with my sharks, I've had computer troubles. Get my laptop back tomorrow and I'll definitely have a few thousand bursts to sell you by this Saturday/Sunday! :)
  7. Finally get my laptop back tomorrow! Yay! Time to finally get 99 runecrafting. Hoping for 99 before my birthday! :D
  8. I can't catch a break...more time spent being a busy bee, and to top it off my laptop needs $100 worth of repairs because my brother stepped on it. Never leave your laptop at a fraternity house. Lesson learned. Going to a long time friend/brothers house tonight I think so ill probably be on. It seems that the stars have aligned and they are trying there best to keep me away from Runescape. I'll be back soon though!
  9. Yay! So my shit storm of a week is over and I'm finally getting back to it. I'm like 150k from 93 RC, so expect an update today!
  10. Wow that's pretty impressive. I guess that's all I'd inevitably hope for...a price increase so I make a profit from my hoarding...but congrats on getting a 4th of the way to your goal! I'll have about 1,500 or so burnt sharks for ya by the end of the week! :P
  11. By the way, I have about 140 (or so) rocktail soups you can buy if you want
  12. You make me want to start collections, but I'm too poor for all that...maybe I can start a collection of things that are worth 1 or 2 gp...mehhh
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