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  1. Oh I forgot to say, My connection keeps timing out about every 3 minutes (which is reeeallly annoying) so maybe this could be a cause?
  2. I have been having an issue with the quest 'Nature Spirit' and I think I might have found a bug. I have done all of the quest up to where you speak to Filliman about completing the puzzle 'which I did'. I got myself blessed by Drezel, I placed a fungus on the nature stone, a used spell on the spirit stone, and I stood on the faith stone myself. All of the stones say they're complete, but when I say to Filliman that I think the puzzle is complete, he still says there is something missing. I checked my in-game quest journal and everything is crossed out apart from "I need to find 'Something with faith'" I read another website and it said you had to talk to Filliam 'before' you placed the objects on the stones and ask him how to use the stones or something, I didn't do this, I just went straight to placing the objects on the stones. Maybe this is the cause? I'm thinking maybe I should contact Jagex and report it as a bug? Thoughts?
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