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  1. Hey, managed to get the lamp of the djinn together editet the results to the first post. PS: hope that moderator fixes the images, couldn't figure out how to do it properly, sorry ;(
  2. Haven't yet managed to receive the reward, I'm still missing Ifrit lamp handle and Ghul lamp spout, I'll try to remember to take screenshot of the given exp etc for you and post it here when I get it.
  3. Happened to get bottled genie at squeal of fortune here are images of info and examine actions from it since I couldn't spot it anywhere on the site yet, also it's untradeable list of action on it is info, combine, use, destroy and examine. It can be placed it to the bank like most of the other items. Well quess that's it, hope it helps someone. EDIT: results for Lamp of the Djinn on use and levels to refer to how much exp was gained Sincerely Dreamscapist
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