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  1. He's getting smith bonus from SC.
  2. he has not been online for a few days
  3. Now after divination highscores are not right so it will proably start when the highscores are right again
  4. Its around 100-200k per day depending on your luck
  5. How many game days has Suomi got? Around 1200
  6. Yeah every skill is slow att the begining
  7. there isnt even a point in playing that much when your 100m ahead of the rank 2 in hunter but whatever. he can die of exhaustion if he wants idc. nvm he isnt even hunting i dont watch his xp gains. still pointless hes not competing for anything Lol, you don't need to be competing for something to wanna practice your nolifing skills. http://puu.sh/45Dz6.png What skill is he traning?
  8. I started school today.... Gf my divintation gains
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