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  1. Hey guys, Just released my latest guide - God Statues D&D Quick Guide using Lodestones! Hope you like it, if you do please throw it a like & subscribe! Thanks, Archer2025
  2. Runescape Flipping Episode 3! This video shows you how to quickly find your own bottom and top price for an item, your "Buy and Sell Price" for your own solo items you might wish to flip. In the next episodes I'll be covering: - What items should I solo flip? - How to flip a rising item - How to flip a falling item If you want more basics you might want to check out the first two episodes: - Flipping using Friendschats - What Items to Flip in the Friendschat? Any questions feel free to ask below! Want more in this series? show your support & subscribe!
  3. - Ascension Guide - 2 - 3mill + & 300k+ Ranged Exp/hr - This video shows a great way to training your ranged (300k+ per hour) while making some awesome profit (2 - 3mill+ per hour) It currently requires 81 ranged, I would recommend 80 ranged and defence and the best armour you've got but not necessary as you can run back and too to the bank really easily! (I got pretty lucky on this first kill in the video - Lol) If you enjoyed this video please show your support & subscribe! Thanks :) Thanks, Archer2025
  4. Hey guys, So I made a video covering some Quick Tips for RS3 Interface as a lot of people keep asking questions such as "How do I move my XP tracker?" Used face cam *embarrassed faceeee* :^) Hopefully it helps! Please show some support & subscribe if you can and leave your tips in the comments so other people can see :) Thanks guys, Chris
  5. Hey guys, I really enjoyed the Rs3 Intro today (depiste the lag!) - What did you guys think? Recorded here in HD incase anyone missed/wanted to re watch :) Please support me by subscribing if you can! Thanks, Archer
  6. Hey guys, Came up with this video as I see a lot of people asking what should I flip? In the friends chat, hopefully it'll help some people out let me know what you think & please subscribe if you can! Thanks, Chris
  7. Hey guys, Check out my latest guide - EOC Black Demon Slaying Guide! Please show your support and subscribe!
  8. Hey guys, check out my latest video - Aviansie EOC guide 600 - 900k per hour! Please show your support and like/subscribe <3 More guides coming soon! <3
  9. Hey guys, I made this video covering the basics of flipping using friends chats, after turning 2mill to 20mill in 2 weeks I thought I'd make a guide to help others out! Let me know what you think and subscribe if you want to see more guides like this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLImTX18TAw Thanks! Archer2025
  10. Hey guys Just posted up my 2nd ever youtube video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-2guY4VfAU Lemme know what you think! Hopefully this is an improvement on the first! (I think so anyway)! Please subscribe If you can, would really appreciate it! Thanks, Archer
  11. Hey guys please show me some support on my first ever Runescape Youtube Video :) Sub would mean the world to me! <3 let me know any tips you think could help improve! Thanks.
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