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  1. Alt sc w/ 5 people + alts ending games at 18:20 is around 500k bxp/hr (with perfect games its possible to reach around 560k) NOW. that makes it efficient to use them on smithing and hunter for sure. Depending on your financial situation, crafting is pretty much acceptable too. Not entirely sure how much combat xp you get per equipment but I imagine its also efficient for range.
  2. it was a semi-serious question actually, I watched his vids before he went hard and he mentioned something about being very sick, and spending awhile in the hospital, but hes removed all of them. It just goes to show you what sort of mentality it takes to actually grind that hard. *if its true* .You can argue that you should do what you enjoy, but too many people who grind rs, purposely avoid situations to make their lives better, (been hearing about too many people dropping out of college/uni lately) so they just fall back into rs. And as rs lasts 1000s upon 1000s of hours, with an absurd amount of repetition, its easy to become lost within. I've met enough people who've confided in me to make that statement. Sorry but I will not, nor should another healthy brain, condone themselves to support such behavior. ANOTHER reason why being efficient should be the most respectable form of training as long as every player has an equal chance to do so. Games change, jagex is a company first and foremost. I believe the first major sign of xp rates were on the rise was LRC? probably wrong, dont care enough to do more research. but either way, it was released the same year the first 200m agility was reached. The evidence of devalued xp has been privy for a long time. Its astonishing people still complain.
  3. I will in fact be getting 99 divination first. Also suomi needs to get 200m, 99 means almost nothing except rank 1. he wont even be 200m all anymore if he stops at 99. but he seems to have burned out, he couldnt finish trim comp and stopped 07 lol implying that trim comp is comparable to 200m all skills + 07 is worthless and im sure he realized that and stopped. also, he spends his time trying to get any female who plays rs onto Skype so he can have a bit of fun wink wink , he was practically begging my friend to go on cam after 10 mins of talking LOL , point is, im sure hes just waiting for div to come out so he has something "productive" to do, would be cool to see him first to 200m as well, im sure he will be top 5 at least. My gut is telling me rank 1 is going to be between suomi/wisely done v2/account sharers
  4. does anyone know how much prayer xp one receives from 13-200m slayer (infernal urns/bonecrusher) , rough estimate is fine, but if someone could do the math it would be nice
  5. last I checked this is the 200m all skills thread miss lioness lol
  6. unless they release something that makes mining 1.4m xp/hr it will be dead content, le warbands - and splitting arctic pines is 134k xp/hr, bonfiring/dropping is 108k.
  7. hunter is 350k-370k/hr not 280k... lol - or is that including gathering of le vines?
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