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  1. Since you guys keep track of runescape3 players, can you give a rough estimate of the top players time played? From what I know, Drumgun has around 2.1k days, Jake has around 2,050, Zezima has 1.55k, S Diamant Y has 1.4k , Suomi has 1.2k, Alkan has 1.2k, Wisely Done has 1.2k, Paperbag has 1.150, , Almostlost has 1.1k, Angerfist has 1,030, Jdel has 1k ish. I'm curious on players like Roger Al and Carcass because they might have over 1k
  2. Buying spins on an iron man in rs3. (Lol) Arguably 3x more op than the normal game because it drastically decreases the amount of resources you need to gather, produce, etc.
  3. Since using alts and transferring is now legal, it makes you wonder how many people would bot if it became legal.
  4. Instead of "edit", why don't you just delete the post lol. There is no delete button...all your posts are belong to us :ohnoes: . Well, that's dumb :s
  5. Instead of "edit", why don't you just delete the post lol.
  6. You heard it here, Drowns, (arguably the spearhead of the efficient skilling community) enjoys pking more than skilling lol.
  7. What method for thieving? :o Edit: Or are these just personal times to 200m all?
  8. That's easy, just assume everyone has bonus xp for every skill. Divide all of their time to 200m all by 2.
  9. If you ban me i will be back under another name "every top pager does it" PEOPLE WHO DIDNT USE SPINS: DRUMGUN SUOMI JAKE MY KINGZ ELVIS PAPERBAG KILLERJV KINGDUFFY OTHERS WHO MIGHT NOT HAVE USED SPINS(not sure based on gains, cbf figuring it out on runetracker): simon pieter carcass Scuzzy5 wisely done angerfist crystalfarm buddhism jdelacroix People who did use spins: Forsberg888 geel alkan dragonseance itrolledu almostlost This list isn't perfect but it shows that not the entire top page buys spins. im sure i messed up somewhere since i only spent 4 minutes working on this because im lazy/dont care about anyone out of the top 8 so dont pay attention to them. How are you certain they didn't buy spins? Just cus they're not in the spotlight doesn't mean they didn't buy spins. I don't get why it's a big issue to you. Sof is a part of the game, jagex fund updates this way and if people want to buy spins, let them. But it degrades the achievement somewhat, but not enough for someone like you to sit on a thread for a month straight crying about it, nobody cares about what you say cause your posts about spin buyers usually come with a little insult or something to make them look bad, just give up and get lost pal im chopping crystal trees and it takes a while to get 200m because i didn't buy spins so i have time on this thread. And it's quite clear that less than half the top page bought spins. I understand that you buy spins and therfore are willing to defend these people. but your a small percentage so stop respond to my posts. Crystal trees take just as much effort as using spins tbh. L
  10. You can't even use bonus xp or spins on a new skill.
  11. Irrelevant to getting 200m in all skills.
  12. 200m in all skill thread on topic. O.o
  13. So do you think people actually care about your flawed logic?(other than Obey the Cow lol) I care and support Paperbag.
  14. No, it doesn't matter. The whole point of Rs is to feel achieved and by doing 200m agil without the boots you feel like you accomplished something rather than just taking the easy way out and essentially spending no hours on it. I don't feel as though you "wasted" your time training the skill because nothing is a waste if you enjoyed it. If you spent a lot of time training a skill it gives you the mental toughness to continue with your end goal of 200m in all skills. Rs3 has come to a point where ranks xp gains and such aren't really as impressive as they once were, so I think you should take pride in what you have done rather than look at everyone else and see their xp gains, it will demotivate you and give you anxiety. Hope this helped, goodluck on 200m all. :)
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