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  1. He has 23m weekly fish, r u sure about rtails
  2. suomi drum fors alkan jdela wisely
  3. C2 fish with bonus xp is like 300k/h if ur focusing
  4. I've done almost all of my summoning with double xp.
  5. How does buying keys mean that the player doesnt like rs? Well for example, why would they use 900 hours to get 95m div xp when they can get it in 20 hours with "legit" way? (by legit I mean not breaking rules, not using irl money. ofc its possible that they r buying keys with rl money but i doubt that for example fors even has any irl money to spend on keys) Tbh u shouldnt blame top players, blame jagex for doing these [bleep] prismania weeks
  6. Are you Em? im GvD lol he sent me this pic and em is perm banned. For doing what? E: nvm watched his last vid
  7. how its only 90k? Isnt it morely like ~100-105k/h when ur using energies
  8. Fors has only 1,5m daily xp atm and like 600k of that is from dailies (boc, wbs, craft challenge). Any1 know has he started collecting bxp now?
  9. I'm pretty sure that Fors cant get 200m all be4 the new skill
  10. I think that Fors will win easily if he can continue playing as much as he has been playing
  11. I think that Romeo finished agi & mining at February 2009
  12. Div has been the slowest skill for a while
  13. Cuz Jebrim still needs to get 110m agi in rs3
  14. max 400k/h if u lucky. Is this with bxp?
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