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  1. Those are some very special terms required indeed. The nex gear I can't afford for a good while, but what is a "healvoker"? We just used one person with a shield to provoke and block the 1-hit-ko ability. Is a healvoker one who uses lunar magic to heal the rest of the team, or am I just missing out on something? :P
  2. I do know what hybriding means, what I meant was that I wondered if the BoL armour was worth using while hybriding? Thanks anyway guys, seems like I might as well buy lamps to use on Agility...
  3. Hello tip.it! Long time Runescape player here (probably started somewhere around 2005), who have just returned to the game. I've got turmoil/overloads, soon pack yak and maxed combat stats except magic (which is at an embarassing level of 88). When it comes to gear I got full bandos and armadyl banked, with a chaotic maul and longsword as well as a royal crossbow. What I'm wondering is if the new lvl 75 battle of lumbridge gear is worth getting? I've done some Kalphite King with a couple of friends and plan on doing general PvM and bossing, and I've heard something about hybriding being good at KK/Nex. Thanks in advance!
  4. You are completely broke, since by selling all the other stuff you mentioned will not even get you to 20m, which is roughly what a proper power armor set (subj/arma/bandos) costs. I suggest you restart the gp duping machine MtK immediately and you should do ALL gp producing dailies, because currently, you are worse than poor. Before you get a nex set & T9 weapons, you can forget about making money through bossing; when you save up enough for a gwd power set, you should be able to do some weak (and not as profitable) bosses, such as glacors, gwd & qbd, which should take care of your money problems for the time. By the way, as Q suggested, you should focus on ports. After a month or a few, you will have PoP armor, which should by then suffice for tanking normal bosses, like nex or kk. Excuse me for hijacking this thread, but I am in a similar state as the OP (just returned, altough I have around 120m bank). What are those gp producing dailies? :)
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