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  1. Hi there! Actually there's not much I'd like to add, everything is in the picture below. About ten years worth of F2P Magic outfits put into one big picture, showing how it evolved over all these years. But for those who do need some extra explanation... In the first row, the good old wildy days. Second row, the removal of the wilderness and new mini-game rewards including new magic gear. The first two are degrading armours (Druidic and Combat) from the Fist of Guthix mini-game, third the non degrading Runecrafter Robes from The Great Orb Project. Row three, the same outfits but improved with Dungeoneering rewards, with the last one missing out on degrading Dungeoneering rewards, as this one chose to not use any degrading armour in the previous row either. Fourth row, Batwing got released during the Evolution of Combat. The first player wears a two handed staff from Dungeoneering, second goes dual wielding, with an auto casted spell selected on both the Batwing wand and book. Third one holding both the Batwing wand and shield. The fifth row, soon to come, when full Warpriest is released. The previous thread version on this subject can be found here http://forum.tip.it/...c-progress-f2p/, couldn't edit it since I lost that forum account :( Kind regards, Hi There o.O (aka Naruto 1001).
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