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  1. Hahaha I can imagine the sheer panic at Nex! I'll bring the robes and see how it goes, worst comes to worst I have a short run back to the graveyard. I'll be up at 3am and I'll se you there :)
  2. Thanks, I'll definitely take your advice on board about minimising swaps as I have those items. Regarding the melee type items, seeing as the tank will be taking the majority of the damage and I'll be using blood spells I should focus on damage output instead? And if I need a buff to my defense would Ganodermic be acceptable? Regarding prayers, what about deflect curses? Thanks for your advice and time Levells. This is my first boss (besides Giant Mole and Barrows) and I've been wanting to do something with the community for a while now. I've been watching the TMHT space for a little while now looking for something to join in with. Couldn't make Sara GWD because I missed out on 70 agility by a couple of hours. Thanks again.
  3. I think I'll be maging then. Wouldn't have the stats/experience to do them unfortunately. And sometimes my connection lags for up to 10 seconds so I would hate to be responsible for someones death. Here is what I'm bringing if anyone has suggestions: Melee phase: Full Robes of Subjugation Staff of Light Saradomin's Hiss Seers' Ring (or Ring of Wealth if it helps) Magic phase: Full Armadyl Armadyl crossbow + armadyl buckler + diamond bolts (e) Ava's Accumulator Saradomin's Murmur Archers' Ring Third phase: Nothing :( Also should I be using curses? (71 prayer)
  4. Is ranging or maging the Kalphite King something to consider? Would a warrior in just Bandos + Abyssal Whip be worth it to the team?
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