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  1. have you seen the front page recently 11 Masterbuck1 5,381,251,139 12 M A R T 5,381,155,477 13 Carcass 5,376,013,129 14 5 200 000000 5,369,061,396 15 UNICEF 5,360,432,603 16 Makaveli 5,352,092,120 17 Zac 5,329,019,448 18 Shaun 5,321,289,084 19 Ahsigh 5,317,176,849 20 Lvls 5,309,579,935 21 Per 5,300,003,731 22 AlmostLost 5,292,503,405 23 Drumgun 5,289,530,251 24 Kirito 5,281,161,806 25 E v a 5,274,542,735 As of right now Rank 11-25 Very clsoe right now for Rank #11 with less than 100k Exp apart! I thought that Drumgun would have been 1st to get to 200M Exp but he didn't get on for a while. I also posted wondering how much they all spent/items used to get to 200M Exp so quickly?! I still haven't seen the Level 120 Emote. I think that the RuneMetrics will be nice to see all of the Data for Skills/Drops. I remember seeing somewhere that the first person to 120 had spent around 10 billion to get to that point. Scuzzy also subbed close to 80 alt accounts to get around GE trade limits. Who says you can't have an advantage with real life $$ when new skills are released. he could have used bonds He used his gp's to buy supplies, not bonds. Or he did both? It's like 800m in bonds instead of like 800 dollars
  2. He was also just commenting on why the guys an [wagon]...
  3. be happy you get anything at all lol
  4. Because I have more idea of someones personal life and how they should be living it even though I don't know them at all.
  5. Yrah i knowsorry for that but i had to say something 'cause it really pisses mr off if someone saying things like they're doing hard achievements If i'm not allowed to say something against it, then the other side shouldn't be allowed to say things for it (like jebrim and many other does) Better just keep silence about it at all and with that post i stop posting things about that. Atleast until someone says again things like hard achievement etc. good night and merry christmas again i didn't wanted to be mean, i just made a statement of my opinion. Sorry if someone felt attacked better don't care about me and go for xp i'm just a guy achieving things in reallife i shouldn't be here anyway have a nice "life" everyone Please, not this again.
  6. No idea. 4.9b xp and i've never seen this person before. 100% eoc & sof i guess. yet i was pretty much 200m rc fish and wc before sof promos go do your research out of all front pagers you have most likely the least amount of time spent on skills. I remember when players used to flame fors, but at least he has some good ranks in slow skills. you couldnt be more wrong my lack of decent ranks in skills is me leaving skills at 180/190m and finishing with lamps dailies distraction and diversions etc i did rc without bonus before challenges/bxp/ fish was done before bxp and 140m wc was done before bxp Of course i know that you and many others leave them in the 190s. Telling me that changes nothing. Just looking at your combat/slay/summoning ranks tells me that they're all done after eoc, saving an insane amount of time. If you think doing 200m runecrafting without bonus xp @ runespan changes my mind, you're wrong. Why are you blaming him because Jagex introduced better methods?
  7. Update: They all gaining XP!
  8. not sure you said 'insane gainz' enough times tbh Judging by the fact that he says "gainz" exclusively instead of other words/phrases, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that he's a bodybuilder or is interested in bodybuilding. Going out on a limb, here. Also, I know this seems silly (kind of redundant to me, but I'm not quite sure) but what do players do when they've completely maxed out, 200m all? I know that Suomi became really laid back playing much less/not at all, but do they just boss/finish quests and tasks sets, or what? get girlfriends oh wait we play runescape nevermind
  9. probably slayed some treasure chests
  10. Can you only do 200m with keys...? Seem kinda desperate
  11. it's always ken that this refers to. Dragonseance is quite wealthy as well (after all, he just fed a Cracker to a Baby Troll for shits and giggles). As is Forsberg. Other top players have been known to rake in donations from their fanboys to the tune of billions of GP; some also stream and take monetary donations. Most of the top rank players are far from poor. Especially considering the fact there are several buyable skills, and to get 200M in even cheap buyable skills is quite a lot of money, since top rank players have 200M in various buyables, they had to have gotten that money from somewhere. But yeah, they're not poor. It wasn''t for shits and giggles, It was because he promised that if he ever gets 1k viewers on his stream then he would. After alkan raided him he got 3.5k and kept true with this promise. Having the money for 200m all can be earned from 07 too btw. Again about the cracker, it's no business of yours what Gunnar does with his money. Throwing away a valuable and discontinued item that is in limited quantity for a self-imposed 'promise' (i.e. self-promotional tactic to boost viewers) seems like shits and giggles to me. Also, there's no need to be so hyper sensitive because Dragonseance, a public figure, did something public, and I made a little joke about it. Taking offense at a minor comment made about Dragonseance, and coming in as his white knight is rather unbecoming. Actually I know perfectly well what I am talking about (I watched the stream as well). You're simply offended that I have an opinion of what happened that you don't like. He's offended that you don't follow everything that Dragonseance does and don't fanboy him with a massive hardon for his gainz
  12. Guess that's why they're so common then. Can't resist the bonus xp ALL HAIL THE MAGIC CONCH SPACE DUST
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