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  1. w77 cw Saradomin if anyone is interested in coming!
  2. That comment I should just ignore, but its so extremely ignorant that I just can't resist... You say what I said is harsh and that its just a game. Yet you could say the exact thing to him for coming here and complaining about losing a pixelated item. "Its just a game." :roll: Oh yeah... and the words I said were sooooo harsh. Incase you missed it, I did give him a compliment and that was pretty much thrown back in my face. :roll: Thanks for everyone who actually understands why I would be offended. Anyone else who tries to justify his rude comment... I feel sorry for you. As do people feel sorry for you.
  3. Actually, I have to listen to the sport every Sunday as my father watches it. I watched it for 4 years and it is lame... It's my birthday today.
  4. Whatever. I'll never understand some of you people. Damned if you do and damned if you don't on this forum. I give good advice and even end with something positive and I still get ran down into the ground. If you didn't want lectured, you shouldn't have bothered to post/vent. Second, saying that a sport that I just happen to like sucks really isn't cool. You don't see me trashing Basketball, Football, Hockey, or Baseball (which 3 out of 4 of them suck... I might add). So why bash a compliment. You had what was coming to you now if you ask me. Glad you lost the Cav. Like Leesters always says about kharma. You got your up comings. I'm sorry, but that was just rude. I am quite sure you're glad that I lost my cavalier. All ****heads feel that way; always wanting to put someone down and sport with them? You've a great sense of character now. I hope your friends read this so they can think less of you. Ok, now let's stop talking out of your mindset. Go ahead, feel better that I lost my cavalier. If it really makes you a small amount warmer on the inside, then you should take a look at yourself in the mirror. Your advice wasn't good at all. If you would take the time to read my post you'd notice that I said I already knew it. I didn't say it was worthless, I said I knew it but you didn't know that I knew it, so you said it without knowing I already knew it. There's nothing wrong with that. By the way, I do see you bashing three sports as opposed to my one?
  5. I didn't think about it because the only place I've trained was rock crabs, chickens, and cows. I'm used to my main where I can afk for 10 minutes or more without having to eat >_<. Thanks for the happy birthday, even though it is tomorrow :P. Not to sound extremely blunt... but the first problem was the fact that you didn't think. And thats really a mistake a lot of people make (and have been making) as of late. Whether its AFKing even just by having a different window up or getting scammed... people just don't think. And the inability to think or react quickly is what leads to a lot of deaths in the wildy as well (at least in my own experiences). The excuse that you're too use to your main is a pretty bad one. I've worked with a pure mage and a pure melee... and I'm always aware of whats going on with them and always cautious as to what I can fair well against (which isn't much of anything, really). My defense on those said accounts are even higher and I'm even more cautious then that. You just have to make it into a learning experience, just like everything else bad that happens. Next time, instead of staying on and rolling the dice going AFK (or at least a form of it)... get to a safe place and log off. I'm not ashamed when I say I use to log off to even browse the forums on my main. And besides... and I hate to sound like a stick in the mud... the rules state that you should be watching your character at all times. The mistake is really all on you, and its all on you to prevent it from happening again really. Hope you have a happy birthday. One thing is for certain. NASCAR Nextel Cup Driver Kasey Khane, who is my favorite driver, wont have a bad birthday tomorrow. Especially since he won todays race from the pole. What makes it even better is he is my favorite driver. So if you share a birthday with my favorite driver, you're not bad in my book. :D No need to give me a lecture on what I already know, although you woudln't have known that I already knew what you wanted me to know. Btw, NASCAR sucks, Basketball, football, hockey, baseball > it
  6. Yeah, my uncle might get me a full time job at a shop (dunno what they do but pay is good) for designing stuff with CAD.
  7. I didn't think about it because the only place I've trained was rock crabs, chickens, and cows. I'm used to my main where I can afk for 10 minutes or more without having to eat >_<. Thanks for the happy birthday, even though it is tomorrow :P.
  8. It's better than having to make 10 trips back and forth to the bank.
  9. Well, tomorrow is my 18th birthday. I took 2 days off of work so I could relax and enjoy myself. I'm hoping Runescape brings me good luck to add to the wonderful weekend I'm having thus far. So I log onto my pure and beging maging the rock crabs. Soon after I run out of runes, with 29 magic. So I go to world 2 and run around through all of the chaos and annoyance. I think back to last summer when I mastered the world and gained 6million gp in about 5 hours of work. It soothes me to see that I still have what it takes to merchant, but soon after I get a headache from the yellow, white and green words that relentlessly flash the same thing over and over. So I get down to business and buy my runes, 20k fires so i can finish casting my spells. As I wander around aimlessly trying to sell my Zamarok skirt, practically trying to give it away I notice cavaliers. So I head on over thinking I should treat myself to a nice present for my birthday. I manage to buy a black cavalier for 1030k. No big deal, it was only 30k extra. It was the first luxury item I've bought since I lost a purple just over 1 year ago. Now I remember why I haven't bought one. I head back up to the rock crabs and finish off 35 magic. Then I go back to the bank and decided rock crabs aren't worth wasting chaos runes on so I head over to the Taverly dungeon and start maging lesser demons through the gate. Oh but now the black knights are attacking me and hitting me for much more than they should. That's what I get for having 1 defense. I attack them and they just keep coming. I heal up and head over to some forums while I was finishing a knight. The Runescape music is soothing, as I have turned off the sound effects. After about a minute I've forgotten Runescape was on and I could die! So I switch back over to Runescape just as I watch myself fall to the ground. Such a fool I was, afking for only a minute. I curse a few times in my head, disappointed. I shout to my clan on IRC that I just lost 2.4k chaos and 9k fire runes. As I walk passed the sheep I then realise I lost my black cavalier also. The one that was only 13hours atop of my head. Yes, now I remember why I don't buy luxury items; they aren't luxury but more of nuisance items. Having to worry if you'll die, get hacked, or make a stupid decision that could end up in heaps of gold being lost. So much for my birthday, my runes are gone, and the cav is lost. If you happened to pick it up, although I didn't see anyone around, it was just under 2.4k chaos runes, 9,617 fire (under it, that is how much I brought), Zamarok Robes, my precious wooden shield, some gloves and boots >_<. Can't forget my cavalier also. I'll buy it all back if you did happen to get it, but the chances are someone is smiling, on world 2 selling his new found riches. It's back to barrows for me, losing time and probably money there. Happy birthday to me! Don't say I shouldn't be playing Runescape on my birthday. It is my birthday and I'll do whatever I please. Runescape is enjoyable for me so I'll play it. More enjoyable than real life, as I'm in a rural farming community. My birthday isn't until tomorrow, so I do have some hope still.
  10. Do you parents know you play a game with other people, and not just a single player game? Talking on the internet simulates socializing, and you will feel that you just talked for hours once you get off of the net. It is perfectly fine to not talk much in real life, but don't forget how to talk. If you'd rather takl to someone that will listen to you and understand you, then tell your parents that you've some great supportive friends online. I'd rather have an online friend that supports my motives than a real life friend that bails on you when you're in trouble.
  11. Titans beat RR when they didn't have their leaders and 25% of the clan left. Titans lost to DS by over 100 people with their allies..
  12. Corr got 100+ in a 6 day prep war against "the"? err no we didn't...we got 70 :S...
  13. ehh i made this like 4 or 5 months ago :\
  14. oo i have brushes similar to that, or if you used those, it might be that :o
  15. well i was bored yesterdya and wanted teh clan to have similar personalized signatures. So i decided to open up photoshop and sharpen up my skills again, because it's been months since i've did anything. I wanted just a simple small thing that they'd be able to put under their normal sig, what do you think? I made lots of them for high ranking officials in the clan.
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