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  1. Just got this at dwarf traders before I started the 'From Scratch' blog, so yeah.
  2. Seriously impressive progress so far, congrats on the cape ;)
  3. ~~Slayer Log~~ Starting points - 0 Current points - 0 My favourite skill is probably Slayer, so it's the one skill I'd consider getting 120 in. The drops are also very useful, so I'm sure I'll be doing some slayer during the course of this blog for fun and/or drops. Therefore I'll be logging every task in the following format : Monster - No. of - Notable drops
  4. [spoiler=Queen Black Dragon] [spoiler=King Black Dragon] [spoiler=Kalphite Queen] [spoiler=Chaos Elemental] [spoiler=Barrows] [spoiler=Dagonnoth Kings] [spoiler=Tormented Demons] [spoiler=Glacors]
  5. Boss Kills [spoiler=General Graardor] [spoiler=Commander Zilyana] [spoiler=Kree'arra] [spoiler=K'ril Tsutsaroth] [spoiler=Nex] [spoiler=Corporeal Beast] [spoiler=Araxxor]
  6. Hey there, welcome to my blog :) The goal of this blog is to obtain the unique drops from the bosses below. Adding to the difficulty of this challenge is the fact that my bank is currently worth nothing... (Got hacked, lost ~45m, but the worse thing is he/she dropped all my overloads/super antifires :() Also something to note down is I'll be using Legacy Mode unless something is impossible without EoC, or is much easier in EoC mode. Just to make it clear, 'From Scratch', doesn't mean like the popular Runeshark series or any of the incredible blogs on this forum, eg. Itam/Oddish/Runar. It just means my bank is worthless and I want to obtain every drop from these bosses, I can trade :) [spoiler=Bosses] These are the bosses I'm planning on killing. Queen Black DragonKing Black DragonKalphite QueenCorporeal BeastNexGeneral GraardorCommander ZIlyanaKree'arraK'ril TsutsarothChaos ElementalBarrowsDagannoth KingsTormented DemonsGlacorsAraxxor [spoiler=Skills] As you can see in the spoiler tag below, I'm starting at 2509 total - relatively close to the max cape. This will be one of my goals, but more for when I just feel like doing some skilling (rarely), I'm not outright going for the max cape. [spoiler=Starting skills - 26/07/2014] [spoiler=Bank]
  7. Banking Introduction Hi there, and welcome to this guide on everything to do with banks and your own personal bank account. I'm writing this guide partly as something to do while I train, and partly I want to get more into writing guides to help the community, as I've noticed most guides are now outdated due to the EOC. Banks haven't changed much throughout the years, and so hopefully I'll be able to write a good quality, up-to-date guide that will help those players who have banks overflowing with items galore. I realize most of you reading this will already know everything about banks, so this guide is aimed at less experienced players, although you may pick up a tip or two in this guide :) ~~Table of Contents~~ [spoiler=General Overview] There are over 70 banks, deposit boxes, chests or other various methods of depositing and withdrawing items, although a few charge commission. I have listed these select banks and their fees under 'Other'. All banks have the same interface, regardless of the access point you are using, while deposit boxes have a limited functionality, you may only deposit items, and you cannot see any items currently kept within your bank. [spoiler=Spaces Available] Your bank account has a standard 83 spaces as of November 2013, but this capacity may be increased using a number of factors. Registering email, required for new accounts, give 20 extra spaces.Registering as a member gives 468 additional spaces.Free bank booster for all members, +50 spaces5 Solomon's Store bank boosters, +50 spaces eachTherefore the maximum number of bank space for any player is 871. However, by use of the GE slots, the POH costume room, Diango, bookcases, the Ringmaster and Tool Leprechauns, the number of total items a player may store is significantly higher. [spoiler=Tips & Tricks] [spoiler=Other] Any suggestions are appreciated, although currently this guide is a work in progress, so be nice ;)
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