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  1. Thanks Viz, it's nice to be here. Just a few levels, the main ones are the Divinations and Mining ones.
  2. Yeah I use Chrome with Swiftkit. I loaded RuneScape up on the actual Chrome and the same thing happens.
  3. I'm a skiller myself, you're best staying a skiller till you get very high stats. Pros of staying a skiller, warbands are really easy. = 99 herblore = overloads for combat. I am thinking of getting combat in the future also.
  4. Few levels in the past few days. Slayer is going up loads with this new world event :3
  5. This is my blog that I will be posting on constantly. I will be posting some thing about my real life situations but mainly just about RuneScape and my account. Thinking of Combat but probs not till maxed skiller anyways. 99's left: Going to put the combat ones here as I am unsure if I should train combat or not still :P And these are the 99's that I have achieved:
  6. Hi, my RS name is Pontins and I am new to this website. I love using this website as it helps me progress on my RS account, so I decided to take it upon me and create a forum account! Will be good to get to know everyone and to start using this side of Tip.it. :>
  7. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to have some help regarding DirectX and the lag issue I have. I am currently using OpenGL but I want to continue using DirectX. What happens is basically when I put RuneScape on max graphic settings on DirectX, I get Program lag that stops me from clicking or doing anything on SwiftKit. I have to use task manager to close the program. When I run on OpenGL everything is fine and no lag occurs. I want to start playing on DirectX again as the graphics are a lot better. Many Thanks, Pontins.
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