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  1. Let's consider chaotic & drygore rapiers. Accuracy Make sure to wear melee body + melee legs. Only these items affect accuracy! 100% accuracy for chaotics is when your enemy got <161 cmb (class ranged) 100% for drygores raise the enemy's combat to <173 (class ranged) And when we fight against the 198 cmb, there's 75% hit chance for drygores and 64% for rapiers. So in overall when you fight bosses (let's say they are 198 cmb) then drygores are better in accuracy by 17%. Damage Drygore: Damage 1102 Accuracy 2458 Chaotic: Damage 980 Accuracy 1924 Let's say, we got: 99 str, overloads, no prayers, full torva armour, chaotic rapiers, drygore rapiers. (doesn't matter,can be longs too) After some math it looks like this: warrior ability damage for chaotics is: 1.5*116+980*0.7875+490*0.7875+81.4 = 174+771.75+385.875+81.4 = 1413,025 and for drygore rapiers: 1.5*116+1102*0.7875+551*0.7875+81.4 = 1557,1375 Difference between them is 10.2% in dps So, in overall, when we consider fighting bosses (198cmb), our accuracy raises from 64% (chaotic) to 75% (drygore), and damage raises by 10.2%. It means, that drygores are better. From 10.2% (161cmb and less) to 29.2% (198cmb)
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