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  1. Subreddit makes me cringe every time, the community is so nooby ;_;
  2. J a m e s, thanks for noticing my mistake. OT: Sleep is a very important factor in the journey to 200 all skills. And very useful for regular humans.
  3. Am i the only one who does think things like sc 'abuse' and buying xp (squealthwhatever) isn't cheating ? Edit: Sorry J a m e s, my sentence was meant to be like i edited it. Im one who has nothing against those things. Sorry.
  4. How many players there are with high xp who are completely against spins? No sorry, TH.
  5. L0l0l03l05l430l0l You dont have to look at xp gains to know they were going to buy spins. its obvious the top page is so terrible atm. It's what they have to do to "stay in the competition" kinda wish they didn't cus it would make it even more interesting but eh it's 2014 Wish all you want, but they dont need to make it more interesting. They are not there to entertain anyone, they are there to achieve their goals with methods they see suitable.
  6. This is probably OT but his envolment in the RS community will be minimal i think. On topic : I like Dragonseance the most.
  7. You just proved my point >_> Ask yourself: why did people choose to donate to Suomi, of all people? Why did people donate to Suomi and not you? What's the difference between you two? I want respect when i finally achieve 200m all. not controversy like suomi has caused. A man who lowers himselft to shame other people deserves no respect.
  8. What other than getting Jebrim to like your posts do you benefit from your continuing flaming ?
  9. Idk if i could be more OT but you used to have the best hair on top page
  10. In my books having 1,500,000,000 xp has the same 'meaning' in 2014 that it had in 2011. Of course, that might because of im new here and i dont know about anything :P
  11. Why do you call his goal of 'True trim' ( as they like to call it) a joke ?
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