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  1. I have planned adding old school in future but have no time right now. Also Ive planned adding few more features which will come by time :)
  2. so far ongoing: -country -account type -dynamic title -set the problem with mobile version (doesnt work at all atm :D) -adding banner on main page -new page for tracking long term gains for extended tfs skill comps (all f2p players will be tracked) if you got any more ideas feel free to share! awesome and beloved ~Dj Ruli
  3. By start of February I plan on adding clan, account mode and country for HS. If you have some more ideas about what could be cool to see on my website, please contact me.
  4. As player you cant determine if somebody was previously member if that person hasnt p2p stats (thats why I have banlist), however, if person is p2p now, he/she has adventurers log (this is still p2p only feature). Even if hidden, it doesnt say person is f2p, just displays error that person has private log. And if some person is once busted for being p2p, even holy water wont save them from being removed from my hs huehue :D
  5. Sure I can remove you Slayas even I disagree with it... Multilogging isnt really unfair advantage as anyone can do it, its same like saying daily challenge is unfair advantage because you dont do it cause you dont want p2p reward as loxley for example :D But i respect your statement.
  6. If it is hosting that blocks your access to lite hs then try to communicate with them, if they wont allow you to access it, use new hosting and add redirection on old so people dont have to look for new link like in my case (I had no chance to add redrection :/)
  7. Added a nice compare page that doesnt load ages as jagex' one haha :D
  8. Rank Player XP Gained 1st Syzygy 2,224,481 2nd Syzygy 1,830,536 3rd Dragonbeam 1,812,529 4th Barto222229 1,744,178 5th Clickbyclick 1,525,147 There are still problems with top 5 lt My website might not get updated at time next few days, I cant access pc atm >.< and my list reqs: -never been member -any total level -doesnt require to be on jagex' hs, I can add inactive people too, just will show all stats 1 Arceus can i know whats why your main acc got banned? if you dont want talk here send me pm pls
  9. not yet serrol trying to make it working with threads what should lower time from 30 mins to like 5 i believe, but for some reason it crashes at creating thread atm so using old script >.< btw today personal pages at your website show stats captured 21st april (if viewed from links in hs or 200ms, top gains links are ok), maybe your update script gets interrupted at some point? and top 5 gains still shows same result multiple times, also for dungeoneering #5 gain -> 5th Jenevrarose 0 maybe you might do something like 5th - - if there is no so many gains, but it seems there is something wrong with script updating gains http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t49/ruli_/mh1_zpsac8e2978.png (screened if it got updated till you read message) btw cant you send me banlist? i probably havent saved it and even if i have, i formatted hdd :P
  10. Top 5 gains show same result multiple times, you might want correct that. 200m page links for players lead to empty page with "Please select a valid user." You also miss few top players like Fluhinator, Legologie, Muziekman1 etc, you might want check my userlist. I can send you userlist in plain text ordered by total lvl/xp if you want, had a lot of work collecting all the names :P
  11. Saira has claimed she was banned by mistake as Barto and Tawrus before, thus I keep her on hs now. However, if people wish so, I will remove her from hs.
  12. My hs was moved to new webhosting: http://hs.4fan.cz
  13. UPDATE: -whole design was improved -timer now show time correctly in all timezones -some vulnerability issues were set -200m list table was restructured -pages with more tables show only first table now, others are shown optionally, can be all shown at once -tables were formatted so any data is easy to find now Fiest of guthix hiscores coming soon!
  14. Very nice work on there :) If I didnt have to prepare for finals which i have in 2 weeks I could work on my website also, have to keep it simple as it is for now sadly.
  15. Haha green dragon is from dungeoneering, so actually f2p content :D
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