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  1. Not quite as major of a BXP this round for me as it was last weekend. I mainly dedicated this BXP to smithing and the majority of my major goals were actually on Syh. All the same, I did get some fair gains here: Was just shy of 20M smithing experience for the weekend: Also passed 2.1B overall experience this weekend: After BXP weekend I finally reached the milestone of 120 mining. Will admit that mining seems to much faster than RC and much more afkable. Should wrap up 200M mining within 3 months: Currently sitting just over 105M mining experience: After 200M mining I plan to dedicate my focus back to this account and some major skilling, looking forward to it.
  2. Made some major front page updates today. I decided to rededicate this blog just to my main, UCA. Felt it was getting a bit too cluttered with two accounts so I broke my blogs apart so each account can have a dedicated blog. This blog will continue to be about UCA. Syh now has a dedicated blog posted on Wicked Fury's clan page. This is a shift in audience in some regards, as Syh is now a member of Wicked Fury (a clan I've been apart of off and on for nearly 5 years). I can assure the site is run well and isn't much different from other fan sites. The link to it is now on the front page if people are curious. My front page now features a new banner for my 200M mining goal and quite a few new links. It now has a collection of my imgur and reddit topics of certain time trials and achievements. I just passed 100M mining experience on UCA. My stretch goal is 120 mining before bxp weekend, but don't think I'll make that. So 120 will be after the weekend. During bxp weekend, the majority of my goals are planned with Syh, but for UCA I'm planning a 20-40M smithing weekend.
  3. Been awhile since I've had much of a progress update on my main. Just passed the 95M mining threshold: Currently on track to have supplies bought and gathered for 99 summoning and 97ish herblore on my alt. Herblore goal is really overloads, but will actually get 97 herblore from making the overloads I have supplies for. May even get 98. Mild plans for my main on the weekend as well. Will likely get the 4M experience for the 120 fletching cape first, then thinking some smithing.
  4. Truthfully not positive what you're asking o.O How you've set up the little box with UCA mining. Just minimized for the purpose of the screenie or what? I used the extension for firefox that allows it to be always on top. So UCA mining in the corner is always ontop of my windows. Allows me to maximize my client I'm slaying on while not forgetting to reclick while mining. Having in the corner there makes it much easier to remember to click on. Sadly with that size I don't notice chat at all, which is why I've been keeping my pm off lately, so its not to looking I'm ignoring someone.
  5. Untrimmed 99 slayer achieved! Check out the imgur album with my final loot tab and total profit from selling it. Along with total beasts killed: http://imgur.com/a/xUNIZ Also have a reddit topic on /runescape about it if curious: http://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/2vh24p/slayer_tab_from_54_to_99_slayer_using_a_spring/
  6. Another day of full slayer and a little over 700k from 99. May actually get that during the week, will see how much free time work allows me. For today though, I got 98 slayer along with nearly 90+ combat stats, just missing 90 strength. On my main I'm also about 400k away from 90M mining. Here's today's gallery: Here is my slayer tab, as it was when I got 98 slayer:
  7. I would pick the slayer tower gargoyles without a doubt as better, if they weren't so spread out. The slayer tower makes you run around between them quite a bit more, especially if you want to pick up the drops. Before I could use Kuradal I did them in the slayer tower and found them a bit annoying because of that. So for convenience I finally just started doing them in Kuradal's. I also do that because other than dark beasts, gargoyles are the only tasks I do in the cave and I don't want to run short on ferocious rings.
  8. A bit more of the usual for me of mining on my main and slayer on my alt. I've passed the 85M mining mark without noticing until almost 86M mining, so was unable to get a picture of it sadly, but I'll try to get 90M. I've reworked my gaming setup a bit (you'll soon see) so its a tad hard to see anything on my main other than the seren stone. Otherwise on my alt I'm on track to get 99 slayer next weekend, which has been my major goal. That way I can complete my slayer tab from 54 to 99 slayer, and then in turn sell it to pay for all the summoning my supply of charms allow and 96 herblore for the bonus experience weekend. This saves me from having to pull money from other areas so has been my focus. I'm enjoying the slaying experience again, but also looking forward to the goal being done, it is a bit of stepping stone for this account, so ready for it to be done. Expecting 98 slayer tomorrow and may post the tab's progress at that point, or maybe not, I've not fully decided :P As to the levels: and finally some drops: My second effigy on this account and my first pair of brawlers:
  9. Lots of slaying the past week, but did manage to peg the 80M mining mark: Otherwise quite a few slayer updates: Got my first effigy ever on Syh today two tasks before 95 slayer: Along with that I've got my second piece of Zamorak Warpriest while on a Spirit Magi task: 95 Slayer achieved as well: and here is my current slayer tab, at this point it is from 54 slayer to 95 slayer (along with 5 elite clues in the tab):
  10. Managed to finish my 10 hour test of loafing Gladii this weekend and posted it on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/2tljum/10_hour_test_gladii_with_steel_titan_loafing_or/ Pretty interesting test of around 3.2M an hour profit there, while loafing pretty hard. Besides that I'm aiming to finish the 99 untrimmed slayer cape before bonus experience weekend. Will be working fairly hard towards that until then. Managed to hit 94 slayer and 90 range today (forgot to get a picture of the 90 range) The finalized reddit page of my alogs for both of my accounts is working well too. Very happy with it ^_^
  11. Finally polished the front page like I said I would months ago! Along with the polish comes my new subreddit I also mentioned months ago. I finally sat down and got it completely running and feel comfortable actually publishing it now. It can be found here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Etjien It automatically posts the alog entries for both UCA and Syh. So if you're curious about my current progress you're welcome to follow there. Along with that I'm officially adding Syh to the front page as one of my accounts I've been working steadily on. I'll be posting more progress on his goals later, but untrimmed slayer cape is not too far off for that account. For my main though I've passed 75M mining and 70M farming. I've slowed down farming for the time being to conserve money for the bonus experience weekend coming up. More pictures and updates will be coming soon
  12. Crusing along with a few milestones lately: Just passed the 60M milestone for mining, I do this when at work and when I want to afk (amazing how much faster it is in than RC): 70m Slayer as well (along with a look at my desktop uncropped): Also a Book of Char milestone. About all my firemaking experience since 55M has been from Book of Char: (more uncropped too): And finally 120M attack experience too:
  13. Been playing with one of my alts a bit this week and slowly working towards the untrimmed slayer cape again. Unsure how soon that goal will be completed as I work on it very randomly. On that same account I'm also working towards wyverns on 07, which may actually happen sooner then untrimmed slayer on rs3. On my main though, I managed to get 120 HP this past weekend, finally. Was 2M away when 120 capes came out and have lost like 1.2K ranks in the skill just because I was that close, but under 120 :P. Have no plans to buy the cape so not a huge achievement, but finally done. Also at the 55M experience point for mining now that I've been playing on my alts so much. Undecided if I'll be mining and leveling alts, hunting, or slaying in the coming week.
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