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  1. "Insulting other dg'ers" I dunno how that alone didn't get me floorgazer. [bleep].
  2. Ehh. Can't get onto Bxpprod on TIF for some time, too much effort recovering emails. Sue me maderator [bleep]. To answer you Auror - I left my degree some time ago. It just quite simply wasn't working AKA [bleep] maths and [bleep] teaching. Got into an argument with the chick, turns out she was is just a complete airhead, either that or overcommitted to an IRL troll. Anyway, such is life. Following from that, have started dating someone new (no boyfriend) so...clouds...silverlining...etc etc On the Runescapia front, struggling to get any interest going. The last, well, nearly a month really after coming back for two strong days, I can hardly string together 10 minutes of gametime, and if I do it's just to rip on people (cya deo irl). Found solace in new forms, namely gym and yelling at birds at the beach. Blog will stay open, I'll still login here and there (logout ports lel) but I dunno. Looking more and more likely that I'll be fading off into the distance. Anyways. Until next time, asshats.
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