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  1. Mined 1000 gold ore and another 50 diamonds today. Close to 12 hours of in-game time. This is going to take a little while. D:
  2. Strongly considering halfing my goal, as at the rate in which the gems are mined, I won't be able to finish for easily 2.5+ weeks. 500 diamonds, and a couple thousand gold bars sounds like a pretty solid goal to me.
  3. I have decided that with all of the gems I collect on the way to 1,000 diamonds, I will craft them all into amulets, and then alchemize them. It is less profit than if I sold the gems straight but it will aid me to getting the 75 crafting goal I wanted. With that in mind, I also have to mine close to 7,000 gold ore, so after my days yield of 360 gems I have taken a short break to collect some gold ore from the crafting guild. If and when I complete this goal, my mining level is surely to be beyond 75. Probably closer to 80-82. Let's hope I can survive this to the end!
  4. Roughly 6 hours of mining so far today. 88k Mining xp gained. 27k Crafting xp gained. Just hit 45 diamonds. This goal will probably take me roughly two weeks if I play as consistently as I am now.
  5. Yo, I'm Zack. Basically a bored 18 year old who Scapes quite a bit. This blog is geared more towards keeping a journal of my progress, as Adventurer's Logs are not available on OSRS, but if you are enjoying the progress, feel free to comment and critique! All about socialization! For some reason I enjoy mining gems at the Shilo Village Mine, so I made a long-term goal of 1,000 diamonds mined. Will take a little bit of time, but hey, I've got plenty. Starting Stats for this Blog: Current Stats for this Blog: Current Goals: 65/75 : Mining 58/75 : Crafting 1013/3000 : Gold Ore Mined 110/500 : Diamonds mined from Shilo Village Gem Mine Current Gem Stack : Future Goals: Craft all gems into amulets. Craft nature runes equivalent to bracelets. High Alchemize all amulets. Recent Progress: 8-24-14 : 8-23-14 : Thanks for reading!
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