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  1. Please add a "pocket" forum. This could be an internal utility which allows you to use the forum's fullest capability as you play RuneScape. I made a small prototype of how this should look programming myself. It would be a small tab control, which has 1 starting tab: Navigation. On the navigation window, there could be the sign in button (which will use HTTP web requests to sign you into Runescape.com forums) and then it gives you a combo box control which allows you to select from the forums to browse or a QFC finder. Then, once you select a forum the listview below it will load with the Topics, Lock/Sticky status, Replies, Views, etc. If you click a topic from the list on Navigation, it will open a new tab with the topic in the pocket. On the new tab it starts by showing the first reply, and then you click either the > or < button to go back and forth with replies. Since it's a small pocket forum, only show 1 reply at a time or more if you can make it. I programmed a prototype of what the navigation should look like here: I forgot to add a QFC code finder to the GUI prototype. Suggestion 2: I programmed a fully working Item catalogue using the Grand Exchange API made by Jagex. Here's a picture, it was easy to make and my picture is self explanitory. Suggestion 3: Market Movers (again programmed by me) Suggestion 4: I didn't get to making it, but an investing RS simulator. The way it works is you buy a theoretical x amount of _item_. The program downloads the price for the item or you input the price you pay for it. It saves in your investing simulator. It then adds the thing you "bought" to your account and the original amount you payed for it. You can then visit in a couple of days and see how much theoretic profit or loss you would've made because it will compare the initial values of everything to what you have now
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