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  1. F2P (Free to Play) Pking Pure Account Guide This is a guide for pures that want Pk (Player Killing),Let me know what you think about this Guide Requirements Attack : 40 (Use a Rune Scimitar to Attack & Use a Rune 2h to K.O) Strength : 60/99 (Pures usually have 99, But it takes alot of time) Defence : 1 (Must have 1 Defence) Prayer : 1/31 (Best to have 31 Prayer to use Protect Item & Ultimate Strength) Training 1-10 Chickens Chickens dont only give XP, They drop Feathers,it would be very useful to Pick them up as you can sell them for GP or you can use them for Fishing. Located : North-East of Lumbridge 10-20 Cows Cows give good XP, And they drop Cow Hide that can be sold for 200gp each hide ,Meaning selling these can give you up to 5k GP each Bag. Banking them are very easy aswell,The bank is only on the Third Floor of the Lumbridge Castle. 20-30 or 40 Barbarians Barbarians are good for XP but they dont give any Cash,Meaning you are only training on Barbarians for the XP,They are located at the Barbarian Village South of Edgeville and West of Varrock.You must bring Food such as Lobsters or SwordFish 40 - 50 or 60 Minotaurs Minotours can be located on the First Floor of the Stronghold of Security They give good XP and good Cash, Because they drop Noted (Stackable) Ore & Essence that can be sold for a Stable Price.You must bring Food such as Lobsters or SwordFish 60 - 70 or 80 Lesser Demons Lesser Demons are good for XP and they are OK for Cash, They drop some Armour such as a Rune Med Helm and you must bring Food such as Lobsters or SwordFish 80-99 Giant Spiders Giant Spiders Dont Drop ANY Items, So your only killing them for XP. They are located on the Third Floor of the Stronghold of Security and you must bring You must bring Food such as Lobsters or SwordFish Gear As a pure you can only have 1 Defence, Meaning that you can only wear Bronze Armour or Iron Armour.Iron Armour is better as they give better Stats. Thanks for reading and hopefuly this Guide will help you,Goodluck on your Pking Pure! Help me out by Subscibing to my YouTube Accout and Following me on Twitter : YouTube : http://[Censored - Don't use a URL shortner]/1DlWOPI Twitter : https://twitter.com/InstanityYT Add me on Runescape if you are willing to speak to me :) Runescape Main Name : ImLucas Runescape Pure Name : ImLucasPure And make sure you tell me what you think about my Guide,This is my first guide i ever made :D
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