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  1. Post any funny gaming gifs here!
  2. Hello, Rouge4SH. I'm thrilled to see you are wanting to join Tk. Please visit our website and fill out an application to be put on the member-list. Thanks.
  3. Could be a number of things. How old is your smartphone? also, what version of Android OS is it?
  4. Why dont you buy the retail version its only $15 USD and blizzard clears the ladder every week for new competitive seasons. If you buy the retail version delete everything tied to your cracked version as you have a chance of being banned by blizzard
  5. When signing up for an Oldschool battlenet account on Diablo II's current version being v 1.13 you should be able to connect to battlenet with a new account. However, if you have a cracked version of the game or otherwise not retail. I cannot help you.
  6. Hello, Sir Alan H. I'm HonorTk founder and leader of TheKorrupt. We are a casual community with minimal requirements. 500+ total if you're a skiller or 60+ combat. I myself have leadership and admin experience. I am currently working as an Assistant Community Manager for a independent game development studio. We have noone in eu/uk and are hiring staff for divisions such as eu/uk areas. if you are interested then please visit us at TheKorrupt.com
  7. All images posted in this thread will only be in this first post just updated. I will reply to this topic when I have added more work. Founder and Leader of TheKorrupt a Multi-Gaming Community. For personal signature inquires e-mail me [email protected] Any non-related e-mails will be deleted and reported. Userbar Example: Website Ranks Version 1.0 (Without Shadows) Founder No Shadow: Member No Shadow: Donator No Shadow: Website Ranks Version 2.0 (With Shadows) Founder Shadow: Member Shadow: Donator Shadow:
  8. How can one join the Team? I myself am an Assistant Community Manager for PixelBeam Studios and I've been curious.
  9. Hello, AilithThyra. I am HonorTk leader and founder of TheKorrupt. We are a multi-gaming community focused primarily on Runescape 3 and '07. However, we support games such as Kings Road and Light of Darkness by 3claw. We are so new I'm the only member. If you wish to join send me a PM or check us out @ http://www.thekorrupt.com/ Best of luck, HonorTk.
  10. I have accomplished my dragon armor goal of 60 defence!!! Combat level: 55. How many times have you seen a level 55 wearing Dragon? ;) Now my next goal is 60 woodcutting.
  11. Have you checked your settings within SwiftKit? I believe it has a setting that makes RS open in a TAB.
  12. Enjoy Stidor! Honored that you have requested one from me.
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