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  1. Waiting awhile before combat, I want to do most quests that doesn't need combat first. I also want 50+ Hunter/Woodcutting/Firemaking/Fishing/Cooking/Mining/Thieving/Agility so I can do other quests when I start combat :)
  2. Well I've had abit of a bad day, first my mouse broke so now I have to use my laptop touchpad which I hate then I have an accident spraining both my wrists so it hurts when I click/type. Ended up making members yesterday and I switched from Ultimate to Normal ironman so I can bank my Pvm loots/clue items too much work for me to play ultimate since I don't play as much as I used to. current stats: bank:
  3. stat update, not been on much since f2p is boring I will be getting members on monday :)
  4. A little about me: My name is Adam, I'm 20 from the UK. I quit RS some time ago as I lost interest, came back after a year starting to get back into it just not as much. I will be playing RS from now on ultimate ironman however I may end up changing it to normal Ironman. I'm not setting any goals to begin with I'm just going to play and gradually set goals. My PM is always on if anyone wants to add me and give me some tips :P Current Stats: Bank Pictures: 3/8/2015 - 4hours game time 09/08/2015 Quests Completed (15QP):
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