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  1. Skedra I haven't been playing since 2012 when I quited because rs was boring, returned in 2016 and got used to rs3 in like 15 minutes and i prefer costumizable gui and EOC because I don't have autism. Btw I'm still waiting for any osrs spastic kids to respond to my over 2 year old post on first page, probably won't happen since I have completely rekt OSRS a.k.a AutismScape.[/size] Btw I logged to OSRS only to find out it's full of [bleep]ing bots everywhere it's probably like half if not more of playerbase, while in rs3 bots make maybe like 1% of playerbase as we have botwatch.[/size] Btw whats with shift to drop? LMAO you guys know old rs sucked that's why you slowly keep asking for rs3 features[/size]
  2. I have been playing RS since 2006 I have 2420 total with 331 qp (1 div and all 28 quests that were released since are obviously not completed) and I stopped playing in mid 2012, not because EOC, but rather because of the continuos problem: The game as whole is just boring. The game however greatly improved since 2006, simple tasks are way less annoying and pain in the ass and eyes. 1. only legit point 2. so you are basically saying you are so dumb you cannot learn new combat, which took me less than one hour to figure out and prefer over old no skill combat? 3. Same as above, new costumizable UI isn't hard to learn and makes the game way less annoying, I wish we had this before when I played. They added this just after I quited the game... it's was like an epic troll from jagex, but i didn't give in. 4. Yeah because the rest of the 2007 game is dull and boring... I have never really pked in rs.. I see rs as and advanture game, there is so much stuff to do, unless you are over 90 in ever skill like I was... if you want to pvp why you don't go play LoL? It's way better. 5. No microtransactions? What about old school bonds? Sure RS has transactions, but it's not like people didn't get unfair advantage with paying real money before, it was always an UNWANTED part of game, just called differently - rwt plus random chinese botters benefited from it instead jagex, that's why RS was littered with bots in 2006 and 2007. 6. Right because you don't get much updates, also I like rs3 updates.. only ones that I don't like is annoying 3x3 square emotes and stupid screen flickering teleport animations, but new quests, minigames, awesome content and so on, overweight small annoyances, like the stupid salomon store garbage. 7. Same with main game... whining babies who can't learn new tricks got legacy UI back and legacy combat, complete with legacy only servers 8. What press? None of jagex games get any press, they are too small and with only one game behind their belt, compared to other better way bigger game companies. XYZ news sites and RS fansites don't count. 9. No the only friend of all my friends wh played and who unwillingly introduced me to rs doesn't play RS anymore since forever. I would be a terrible friend if I recommended this game to anyone, new or old one. 10. This can be connected with other points you have already made, we get it you can't learn, enjoy playing in old inferior way. 11. RS can't be fixed.. it's just a terrible concept based around grinding and clicking in patterns, but at least they are trying. 12. What really sucked about old graphics was the small fixed screen... resizable screen was huge improvement (that wasn't the part of game in 2007 and earlier)... that's why old school rs has it... and if you are using it then that only proves that it was a good update and that new rs is better and you have nostalgia googles glued to your face. RS only got better with years... just because you can't learn new awesome costumizable UI and combat doesn't mean it's bad and if you are willing to discard years of updates and content and all your progress (you have to start over) then be my guest.
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