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  1. I play ORS at the moment, because after 1397 days of not playing the original RS it has become so different that its extremely difficult to get back to it. To me RS3 just isnt Runescape anymore.
  2. Hi. I'm Skedra. I started playing Runescape back in 2006. I've played many different games, but there's no better online game for when you're a student. I love skilling, questing, and some Castle Wars, and I'm starting anew in Old School Runescape. Also, I worship the Empty Lord, Zaros. I generally don't aim for levels when I train skills, I prefer aiming for a certain quantity of any given item while trying to make a profit. I also do quests without guides, because it's fun to figure them out. Skill goals: Currently getting level 50 in all freeplay skills.Getting a high level in magic Questing goals: Currently doing all freeplay quests.Defeating Elvarg with magic spells. Item goals: Finished making 50 blue capes - sold for 49750g.Currently smithing 100 bronze axes.Currently working on 1000 redberry pies, will be worth around 700k gold.Considering making 1000 steel bars (and smithing them into axes). Other recent events: Hadn't logged in to Runescape in 1397 days! Got level 29 Smithing from a quest.
  3. Thanks for your detailed response, I'm grateful that you've taken your time to write all that. The choice between going back to my high level account or the low level one is still tough. I like the idea of starting fresh out, but I would feel like I'm massively late compared to everyone else and will never catch up with all that has been going on. But it's nice for making a whole new blog and all. Any chance I join your clan? Feeling kinda lonely too here in ORS. I'll definitely try out RS3.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm a returning player on OSRS. I used to play from 2006 to 2010. I used to be on Tipit too before as Silvertaler, but I have long since forgotten my password and the password of the email adress associated with it. An enormous amount of things have changed in 6 years. I haven't gotten into RS3 yet because of how different it is. I have a few questions: 1. Any general advice for OSRS? 2. Do people still actively make and read blogs around here? I can tell that the forums are less active now than before. Loved making progress blogs before. 3. Is RS3 worth trying? I'm playing on my very first account, which is still low level, so I'd almost be starting from scratch, haven't even done Dragon Slayer on it yet. I have another account which is 1800 total and has a saradomin godsword and a few other good possessions in bank but I'm not sure how that has aged since then. I have an impression that in RS3, gold has become easy to get, rares easy to get, because of bond trading and what not, and that all my work amounted to nothing in the end, hence why I would feel like starting all over again if I played it.
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