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  1. Yes, I have overloads already. Im necessarily focusing on making more money. It would be cool and i dont want to lose any ofc but slaying and boss hunting are what I like to do. I can afford the things you mentioned, I think. Just not sure which were the best.
  2. I have been back for a month but haven't really had much gold to buy the higher tiered weapons/armor. I have a bit more gold to spend now and I'm trying to see what gear would be the best for me to invest in to. I'm maxed combats except for prayer at 95. I have already bought drygore maces and have basics like bandos/arma/ahrims. I have most chaotics as well. I'm looking for boss hunting weapon/armor as well as high level slayer gear or basic slayer gear. I don't necessarily like the idea of using degrading armor/weapons but from what I've gathered so far, that's the only route to go. I have been told about ports but I'm not really too familiar with them and have heard that it takes months to actually obtain the higher leveled armor (that isn't degradable?)
  3. [HIDE] [/HIDE] So I wanted to do Arma for my task of Aviansie. I ended up getting a plate which was pretty cool. I got an elite from one of the minions. It's late so I'm about to go to bed. I'm like, nah, I'll do this clue and then go to bed. Then. [HIDE] [/HIDE] That happened. Screenshot got messed up so [HIDE] [/HIDE] So I'm glad I didn't go to sleep. I misread it as 926k and was like "awesome." Then I saw the dye and read it again and was like " :D" Didn't feel like cropping either. sorry.
  4. I'm confused on how to read the combat stats screen. How can you tell what kind of offensive bonuses you receive? Or how to read the whole thing in general? I started playing again about a month ago after 3 years so I'm not really caught up with EoC yet. This is what I'm talking about
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